Georgia Football Knee Jerk Reactions: Kentucky Edition

Wait. What if they’re all bad?

I said those somewhat prophetic words on DudeYouPodcast during our UGA season preview. The news of Lambert’s ascension to the top of the quarterback depth chart coming out of camp sent the DPalm Spinzone © into overdrive. Sure, it had done it’s job in talking me into Brian Schottenheimer as a play caller, despite literally hours and hours of evidence saying I shouldn’t. But, I reckoned, the worst case scenario under center would still be playing to this team’s strengths: using the quarterback as a game manager, transcendent talent in the backfield, creative play calling and a stout defense would carry this team all season.

Saturday, that DPalm Spinzone © dream came true.

Ignoring the inescapable ineptitude that has become our offensive line (more on them later), this was the picture I thought we’d see out of Athens all year, to be honest. We all got sucked in by the fools gold after lights out Lambert performances, and the injury to Chubb might have had a bigger psychic impact than we thought at the time, but if this team can keep getting the ball in the hands of Sony and Brendon and Terry and Joystick and, of course, KEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEF, then I like our chances offensively. Schotty even broke out the old Wild Dawg because of course he did. Now, if we can cut back on that multiple quarterback thing (spoilers: they ARE all bad), then we might have a chance to win these last three in a somewhat inspirational manner.

The Good:

– 52 runs. Fifty. Two. Fiddy two. No matter how you say it, it always sounds good. Not only does it play to our aforementioned strengths, but man does it make a stat sheet look GOOD. UGA held the ball for 37:36 to UK’s 22:24 on the strength of the rushing attack, and controlling the clock is a great step in the right direction. Sony’s broken hand worries me on the outside runs, since he can’t swap the side that he’s holding the ball on at all, making fumbles a possibility, but that’s a risk I’m more willing to run than letting these quarterbacks throw it.

– MASSIVE tip of the cap to Malcolm Mitchell. I think before this season, we as Georgia fans had kind of downplayed the ‘what if’ factor of his ability and talent, seeing so much time robbed from him via injury. It was easier to think that he wasn’t as good as we remembered than it was to think about how good this team would have been with a real quarterback and a healthy Mitchell. But, he’s been the brightest of spots for our passing attack this year, and now that we’ve gone away from that, he was ACTIVE blocking downfield all day Saturday. This won’t get commended most places, but I’ll be damned if I ignore a skinny kid doing good blocking here.

– I love this defense. I love Dominick “JUST GET OUT OF BOUNDS” Sanders. I love allowing 180 total yards at home, and I love the fact that no matter what has happened in the last month, this unit remains committed to a style of play that is viewer friendly and effective. Keep doing what you’re doing defense.

– Gotta mention the creative playcalling again, and the welcome return of the screen game. UGA has been lights out running screens since I was in high school, and it’s amazing what an effective running game can do to open up screen lanes.

The Bad:

– I said it Saturday.

I say it again today. I recognize that sometimes you have to stick with a personality or a voice in an on-the-field leadership role, and that the alternative to Theus might be too young, not good enough, not ready, whatever. But watching this offense get mired behind and alongside an overrated blocker makes me scream for some change, any change along the line. Oh god. I’ve turned into a #FireMarkRicht-er over Theus. How did this happen? This is 100% John Theus’ fault.

– I mean.

The Ugly:

– Mistakes, mistakes, mistakes. Sure, we can overcome them against an underwhelming performance from a not so great UK team, but against this NEXT team on the schedule, it shouldn’t work at all.

Winning hides the mistakes, losing magnifies them, but the mistakes are always there. Hopefully, these guys can take the lessons from this game, as well as the confidence, and let them carry the team going forward. No matter how many corrections need to get made, it’s easier to do with a win the pocket. Besides, no one’s day was worse than this kid’s.

Go Dawgs.

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