Georgia Football: Your Official Drinking Game for the World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party

Josh just here to murder you all again. Be blessed.

Did somebody say Cocktail Party?  It’s finally time for the best weekend of the year – and the only excuse to ever find yourself roaming around Jacksonville.  The Dawgs squeaked out a win over Mizzou, so I thankfully get to enjoy this game with a solid buzz.

Could we focus on how ugly the offense was in that game?  Sure, but what’s the point in that?  You don’t have to look back very far in the history of this series to find a terrible offense coming out of nowhere to put up 38 points and over 400 yards of offense one game after getting shut down by Missouri’s defense – it hasn’t even been a full year since it happened.  Although I’m willing to bet Georgia has to throw the football more than 6 times if they want to match the output of Florida’s offense last year.

So after all of the turmoil, the SEC East is back right where we’re used to it being – with the winner in Jacksonville the heavy favorite to win the division.  This is a crazy series, with many a crazy game so I’m only willing to make one prediction:  if you play this drinking game, you will be very, very drunk.

Georgia-Florida drinking rules:

  • Take a shot for Georgia’s first touchdown. It may feel like it’s been a while – but any Mizzou fan will politely disagree.
  • Down in Jacksonville? Drink for every pair of jean shorts you see.  The weather will be in the 80s, and I’m betting your jean short tally can get there too.
  • Finish your drink when CBS inevitably shows the end-zone celebration from 2007. This will probably be shown every year as long as this game is played.
  • Drink every time someone with you calls for a quarterback change or to fire Mark Richt. Again, this could be quite a few drinks depending on the company you keep.
  • Drink for every highlight to Tim Tebow CBS forces upon us.
  • Drink every time the defense stops an off tackle run. After last year, I’m just hoping it can happen once or twice.
  • Half a drink for a Georgia defensive touchdown. Finish your drink for a Florida defensive score.
  • Drink every time Verne or Gary say something completely wrong or irrelevant.
    • You can stop this one at halftime for liability reasons.
  • Take a shot on Florida’s 7th passing attempt of the game and take pleasure that they were forced to pass more than last year.
  • Finally our favorite rule – Shot for Georgia’s first special teams error, with a healthy drink for every additional error.




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