Georgia Football Knee Jerk Reactions: Missouri Edition

Nine is more than six.

Wait, should I break it down further?  Fine, but don’t tell me I didn’t warn you.

Football games are really, really hard to win. Add in the least dependable subgroup of Americans (18-22 year old males), multiply by two straight losses, sprinkle in watching your offensive leader demolish his leg a week before, and coat all of that with annualized over hyped expectations, and a football game becomes even harder to watch win. But this Bulldogs team did it. And they did it the way this site was hoping to see all season: a total suffocating defensive effort. Did the offense seem to be stuck in some sort of fire swamp, complete with rodents of an unusual size? You betcha! Were our special teams available to cost points and field position? Of course they were! But, the defense stepped up in a way that we haven’t seen really since…hell, since they pitched a shutout AT Mizzou last year. This is another win that a certain segment of Dawg fans will tell you was a loss, but I’m of the mind that winning a rock fight of a game tells me more about the core of this squad than a blowout would have. Another case of the patented DPalm SpinZone ©? Maybe, but after watching this game twice, maybe not.

The Good:

– Hey now defense! It’s easy to remember anecdotal defensive stands, but a long look at the film and the numbers point out just how good this defense played on Saturday. Sure, Mizzou isn’t an offensive powerhouse, but as they say in the NFL, those guys get paid too. And because it’s college, the pay is education, remember. Seriously, the defense allowed a meager 164 yards, 6 total first downs, and a thump your chest 2 of 13 third down conversions. Not only were they good, but they excelled in getting off the field. Hell, their FIRST SERIES was the picture of domination, keeping Mizzou out of the endzone from the .2 yard line. That’s good work.

– Gonna stay with the defense because, honestly, look at everything else Saturday. Pruitt’s group allowed 21 rushing yards on 22 carries. Let that sink in. A defense that has looked honestly pedestrian 6 of the last 8 quarters of football played took their shortcomings as a lesson, not a loss, and showed what they can do on Saturday. And it was damn impressive.

– Don’t love Schotty’s playcalling still, but this is a Gerogia team that did some good things on offense Saturday despite not getting into the end zone for the first time since 2010. Against the second best statistical defense in the SEC, UGA converted nearly 50% of their third down attempts, AND won the time of possession battle for the first time all year. The healthy commitment to running helped both of these stats immensely.

The Bad:

– Okay Greyson, I think I get you. You’re possessed of sub-average arm strength, and rely on timing and confidence to succeed. Furthermore, we’ve established that your confidence, when shaken, can be hard to recapture. That said: GET OUT OF YOUR OWN HEAD AND THROW THE BLEEPING FOOTBALL. There were times, flashes even, of quick decision-making, laser thrown balls, and great reads. We need more of that. A whole lot more.

– UGA fans thinking they know football explaining o-line splits and zone blitzes to me. This is why I don’t go in public to watch Georgia games. Thanks for the reminder everyone.

– When you get close, you can’t settle for 7 not 3. Wins you games against bad teams, but gets you beat against good teams.

The Ugly:

– Missing field goals was a nice way for the special teams unit to hurt me this week. I applaud their efforts to keep me on my toes.

– Oh, and the onside kick that didn’t even go 10 yards. I’m getting mad all over again remembering this nonsense, on top of the poor kick coverage. If they do this against Florida, it’s evidence that UGA is openly trolling me at this point.

October has been generally unkind to the Dawgs this year, but looking for silver linings shouldn’t be too hard to find this week; we want our team to get back on track, and the defense did their part Saturday. Is it crazy to think that the offense could find their stroke in the bye week and surprise us against Florida in two weeks? I don’t think so, but then again, I live in the DPalm SpinZone ©. Right, wrong or whatever, this bye week comes at a perfect time, and it lets all of us here at the site warm up the train that is Florida Hate Week. Personally, I can’t wait. Neither can the Dude Emeritus, who’s taking the bye week to troll folks, and apparently starting early.

Go Dawgs.

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