The Georgia Football Drinking Game: If We Lose Again, Josh Has To Watch Sober

Not to be confused with the Steve Sarkisian Drinking Game, AM I RIGHT!?!?!

After back to back losses, let’s take a minute and search for the positives.  We only lost one skill player to a knee injury in Neyland Stadium this year.  Reggie Davis came on as a viable deep threat, even if he did go full Terrance Edwards with that drop.  None of our players have been suspended for PEDs, and our coach didn’t quit in the middle of the week out of fear of losing to Vanderbilt at home.

But the biggest reason that Georgia fans have to not hang their heads?  We’ve got another drinking game! For a night game this time, too, so the bourbon will be flowing all day.  This is a must-win game for Georgia this weekend, and not the “Georgia should win every game they play” type of must-win.  Lose this game and the season is officially over, and Mark Richt may be hiring a realtor (Editor’s note: call Chad Floyd!).  Win and the fanbase can finally settle down heading into the bye week before the Cocktail Party.

So if you’re stressed about this one – that’s understandable!  You should be!  But win or lose the football game, all of us are winners if we play this drinking game.  Enjoy, and hopefully we all and up happy drunk for the first time in 3 weeks.

Mizzou @ Georgia drinking rules:

  • Drink as much as you need to drown the sorrow as soon as Nick Chubb’s injury is mentioned. The indirect #ChugForChubb
    • Take lots of shots if the SEC Network decides to show that nasty replay.
  • One drink for every 3rd down conversion for Georgia. Sadly, this may not get you that drunk.
  • 5 drinks while the announcers start discussing Maty Mauk and his suspension. Double this if they mention him favoriting tweets criticizing Drew Lock during the Florida game last week.
  • Drink every time a Mizzou receiver catches a ball wide open over the middle of the field. This should make up for the lack of drinks for Georgia’s 3rd down conversions.
  • Drink for every UGA sack. Where has the pass rush gone?
  • Drink every time someone near you screams “Fire Mark Richt!” Take a shot if they do this after a successful play for Georgia.
  • Drink if Keith Marshall scores a touchdown. I keep rooting for this guy, and now feels like his time.
  • Drink every time Trent Thompson blows a play up in the backfield. As bad as the defense was against Tennessee, he came on strong and should only get better as we go along.
  • If Lambert completes 3 or more passes in a row, drink for each completion. That South Carolina game feels like it was years ago.
  • Finally our favorite rule – Shot for Georgia’s first special teams error, with a healthy drink for every additional error.



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