The DudeYouCrazy Viewing Guide, Week 7

Day late, dollar short, crazy week. I hope you enjoyed the rare Thursday night SEC action (did you even know this was taking place?) and whatever transpired between UCLA and Stanford.

On to the weekend!


Hey, why not? There are three semi-watchable games involving teams fighting for a shot to play in a bowl game more prestigious than any UGA has played since 2008 (queue audible kidney punch sound):

Cincinnati at BYU (ESPN, 8) and #24 Houston at Tulane (ESPNU, 9) both have imminent watchability potential. Tom Herman’s Houston team has become downright Kevin Sumlin-era fun. Honestly, that’s the only reason for this section of the column. #21 Boise State visits Utah State (9, CBSSN) and, if you get CBSSN (not sure if I do)… Chuckie Keeton is a DAMN fine QB to watch and Boise State has been non-Boise State-y this year. A lot of rockfights coming from Idaho.


And I’m not even including ranked-vs-ranked #18 Iowa at #20 Northwestern (ABC/Deuce, 12) because that just sounds like a sad rockfight that, when combined with Georgia’s results in October, will make you swear off football forever.

#13 Ole Miss at Memphis (other side of ABC/Deuce ledger) really could be a nice out-of-conference challenge for the Black Bears, and Justin Fuente’s stepping stone to the USC/Texas/South Carolina/Maryland/fallout of those four job.

On the Worldwide Leader, Louisville visits #11 Florida State. Dalvin Cook and the O-line are Florida State’s entire offense, and that has been shockingly sufficient thus far. I’m here to tell you that a not-awake Tallahassee crowd, Bobby Petrino magic, and a strong Louisville D could spring an upset (NOTE: I also picked Miami to beat FSU last weekend. It’s one of those ‘wrong til you’re right and claim to be a genius’ picks).

The highlight of the nooners, though? BAYLOR PLAYS A SEMI-REAL DEFENSE! West Virginia at #2 Baylor (FOX) is a rematch of Baylor’s lone loss last year, so Art Briles either goes scorched earth…or this, too, is wildly compelling.



#10 Alabama at #9 Texas A&M (3:30, CBS) does, though, and this game will be informative in numerous ways:

  • Is Texas A&M for real?
  • Does the Verne curse extend to other programs? (I don’t think it does.)

In the words of Bart Scott, “CAN’T WAIT.”

Speaking of intriguing, #7 Michigan State at #12 Michigan (3:30, ESPN) has all of the intrigue I didn’t want it to have. Michigan has pitched three straight shutouts, and a fourth against a sneaky-not-that-good Sparty is possible.

Otherwise, the 3:30’s are somewhat ‘meh’. You have 2001-3 appointment watch Virginia Tech at Miami (ESPNU) and just-lost-to-Texas #19 Oklahoma at K-State (ABC). 

That should be MORE than enough to skip the Steve Spurrier-less Vandy at South Carolina (SECN, 4) game that you have ZERO reason to watch.


A lot of them.

#8 Florida at #6 LSU (ESPN, 7) loses a little bit of luster, because nobody goes to Death Valley and wins, especially when the road team loses its star QB for PED’s.

USC at #14 Notre Dame (7:30, NBC) and Penn State at #1 Ohio State (8, ABC) are SO compelling…in the past tense, where the past tense includes the preseason AND if you happen to be watching the games with Grandpappy. If you are, bask in his confusion at Ohio State wearing black unis.

For ‘weird things happening’ potential, WE GOT YOU. #3 TCU travels to Ames (7:30, ESPN2) and #5 Clemson hosts just-lost-to-Wake-in-a-3-0-heartbreaker BC on the U at 7. 

(P.S.– the Dawgs kick off against Mizzou at 7:30 on the SEC Network. Word)

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