Hey Missouri, We Love You!

We were probably too candid in expressing our hatred for Alabama and Tennessee. To turn the tide and get Georgia back in the win column, let’s say some nice things about Missouri! 

Hey Missouri, you’re pretty neat. While you’re probably an odd cultural fit for the SEC, you’re DEFINITELY an odd geographic fit. But don’t sweat it! You’re just showing off your versatility. You worked just fine in the Big XII, and would be a perfect fit for the B1G (shhhhh. Don’t tell Jim Delaney he could’ve had you instead of Maryland or Rutgers). But here in the SEC, you’re our quirky in-law, the one that likes to watch PBS on Thanksgiving. And that’s fine.

What else is great about the Missouri Tigers?

      • Y’all…how do I say this?… very politely won the SEC East the past two years, and were more than willing to let your opponents from the West curbstomp you on their way to playing for national championships. As the new guys, it was damn courteous.
      • Gary Pinkel’s sideline demeanor and press conferences are the most boring and aloof among SEC coaches. If not for Gary, Mark Richt would be the leader in these categories.
      • There are more than 6,000 caves in Missouri. This is just a random internet fact I stumbled upon.
      • I have yet to have an unpleasant experience with a Mizzou fan. You join LSU as the only fanbases for which this is true.
      • In coining Grown Man Football, you have, on occasion, reminded us Georgia fans that our team is capable of such a thing. Dougie
      • There are Dawgs littering (no pun intended) your pro teams.
      • You have a damn good journalism program, which is cool. I used to be a decent writer before joining this site.
      • Back to the politeness thing: your demeanor has been characterized as “disturbing”


  • Between Dorial Green-Beckham and Maty Mauk, you’re adapting well to the SEC practice of possessing malcontent players.

There’s certainly more, but let’s stop here for now. You’re terrific, Missouri! Keep doing you. 





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