Georgia Football Knee Jerk Reactions: Tennessee Edition

This should hurt worse than it does.

I think that’s the scariest part for me. The bite of the loss was lessened by a weekend spent at the greatest place on earth (thanks Rob, Whitney and, to a much lesser extent, Luke), but also by an all too familiar resignation that this is our Georgia team. A team with very real and exploitable defensive liabilities, a team with a game manager quarterback who shows flashes of brilliance, and a team that will never seem to care about the glaring inadequacies of the special teams unit. I know what some think, that bitching about special teams is akin to popping some Advil when you’ve been stabbed in the gut, but that just means you’re not watching right. Three times, UGA moved the ball on offense, stalled out, and had a chance to flip field position, but the punt unit allowed typical big returns. These lost yards MATTER in football. They just matter more in one score games than they tend to when you’re blowing out South Carolina.

The Good:

– Hey! Lambert isn’t as bad as he looked against Bama! It’s not like he’s as good as he was setting NCAA records a few weeks earlier, but he wasn’t the noodle armed headcase that led to the most recent reminder that Ramsey isn’t good at footballing. Completion percentage was lower than you’d like to see, but there were more consistent flashes and signs of maintained confidence, including threading the needle in traffic, and the big drop by Reggie Davis (shockingly, more on that later).

– Remember when Sony Michel was supposed to be ‘THE GUY’? Well, he sure as hell does. Forced into heavier duty than anyone would have recommended as a recipe for success in 2015, he handled himself well and the line adjusted to his more zone oriented running style. Holding their blocks a touch longer created cutback lanes that he was able to exploit as the game went on.

– Malcolm Mitchell continues to stoke the fires of “what if” from past seasons, as he has been UGA’s most consistent receiving threat. Hell, even as Reggie Davis is emerging as the home run hitter, there’s been no more dependable weapon on the outside than Mitchell.

The Bad:

– 31 points ought to be enough. Against a Tennessee team that was looking for reasons to quit, Georgia kept finding ways to let them back into the game. 14 points in 37 seconds. The aforementioned poor kick and punt coverage. Fumbled kick off returns. If it reasonably could go wrong, it went wrong on Saturday, and it genearlly did so at the worst possible time.

– This two gap defense’s weakness against running quarterbacks reared it’s head again. Part of me understands that the mobile quarterback will always be a serious problem for any team running this defense (go look at the list of quarterbacks that have beaten Bama, who runs the same style defense. Jordan Jefferson and Stephen Garcia. WOOF). A larger part of me knows that since you are aware of the weakness, you scheme to support it. Tip of the cap to the Tennessee coaches for moving Dobbs around once it was clear their first gameplan was ineffective. Wag of the finger to Pruitt for not keeping up, or not having a solution on hand.

– “Maybe special teams won’t cost us an points this week.” What dummy said that? Well, it was me on DudeYouPodcast, and I couldn’t have been more wrong. One punt return touchdown does NOT erase the disgusting act that was the third phase of the game.

The Ugly:

– Haven’t seen Chubb’s injury. Don’t want to see it.

– These folks.

– People who see an injury like this and STILL wonder why I scream pay these guys.

– I have to assume that Reggie Davis was just as shocked as I was that Lambert got that ball to him so far downfield. Only explanation.

– Tennessee in general.

Losing sucks. Losing to a rival sucks. Losing to a rival while watching a kid demolish his knee for free in the service of millionaires is almost numbing. But, Mark Richt didn’t retire Monday night, Greyson Lambert didn’t get popped for PEDs and Mizzou is coming to town Saturday. Time to right the ship.

Go Dawgs.

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  1. Ugh, that was an awful loss and worse to sit through while 100,000 of my closest urnge clad enemies kept singing me the same, terrible songs. Losing Chubb is the worst and I agree with your points made above. Also, this game felt more like we gave it away with the end of the first half play than UT actually winning the thing. I agree, let’s right the ship and beat Mizzou and then place all focus on the Gators, who should be fresh off an ass kicking from LSU.

  2. I hated to see the rogue few UT fans celebrating NC27’s injury, I know that almost all UT fans did not like seeing him go down. Injuries have a way of coming round full circle.

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