Keith Marshall and the TEAM of the Crime

It’s easy to think of Keith Marshall as Georgia heads into another contest in Neyland Stadium. The Bulldogs’ last trip to Knoxville literally changed the young athlete’s life. Knee. Gone.

But it would be a disservice to only remember Marshall for what went wrong against Tennessee that day. That may have been the scene of a crime, but Tennessee was the victim a year earlier. In 2012, Keith ran 10 times against Tennessee for a meager (kidding) 164 yards and two touchdowns. He added a 15-yard reception.

Remember that version of Keith Marshall today. He’s was and is a damn good Dawg, and Georgia doesn’t win that 51-44 shootout without him. And without that win, Florida would have claimed the SEC East and Georgia would have finished third in the division by virtue of a lost tie-breaker to South Carolina. So in a very direct way, Georgia’s most recent legitimate bid at a National Championship was made possible by Keith Marshall.

Here’s to Keith Marshall…



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