The Georgia vs. Tennessee Drinking Game

JOSH BACK Y’ALL! (No, not Josh Dobbs and his enormous forehead, to which contributor Josh Thompson said: “I somehow got through this without a single joke about Josh Dobbs’ giant forehead.” There ya go, buddy.)

Georgia @ Tennessee Drinking Game

This weekend, the two preseason favorites to win the SEC East square off.  This game was circled on the calendar as a must-win before the season began.  While it’s still a must-win for each squad, it’s for completely different reasons.

Georgia comes off being crushed at home against Alabama, while Tennessee blew yet another two score lead in their loss to Arkansas.  While Tennessee is all but eliminated from contention in the East (they still have to play Bama next week), they’re still searching for that first signature win to show that Butch Jones knows how to coach (spoiler: he doesn’t).  Meanwhile, Georgia needs a win to get back on track and keep control of their season’s destiny.

Neither fanbase needs an excuse to drink after last week, but yet here I am with one.  What can I say, I care about you and I despise your liver.  So go get yourself a new bottle of bourbon (you know you killed that one last weekend) and join in on the fun.  Win or lose, you’ll be glad that you did, especially by the 45th rendition of Rocky Top.

Georgia @ Tennessee drinking rules:

  • Take a shot when this is called a ‘must win’ game for both teams. Nice, easy way to get that liver lubricated before kickoff.
  • Take a drink when it’s mentioned that Joshua Dobbs is an Aerospace Engineering major. Bonus drink if CBS makes a lame “dual-threat” joke since he’s smart AND athletic.
  • Drink for every cliché that Butch Jones uses in the pregame of halftime interview. They include but are not limited to “brick-by-brick,” “laying a foundation,” or “a new attitude.”
  • Drink when the Pig Howard fumble through the endzone from 2 years ago is shown.  Finally, a HAPPY DRINK!
  • Drink when ACL-mageddon 2013 is mentioned. NOOOO, SAD DRINK.
  • Take a drink when Brice Ramsey gets into the game. Take a shot when he throws an interception.
  • 5 drinks if the 2 point conversion chart that Butch Jones uses is brought up. 10 drinks if the cameras actually show the chart.  Finish your drink if we find out that Jones and Richt actually share the same chart and pass it across the sidelines.
  • Take a drink when the clock is mismanaged at the end of the half/game. It’s inevitable that one or both of these coaches will pull this off.  I don’t know why it’s required for a coach to not be able to manage the clock at the end of the game, but for some reason it is.

Weekly Georgia Bulldog drinking rules:

  • Finish your drink on Georgia’s first Special Teams error of the day
    • Shot for each additional Special Teams mistake
  • #ChugForChubb every time he gets the ball

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