Georgia Special Teams: It’s not ALL Bad News

I’m a bad news first kind of guy. So let’s get this bad boy out of the way.

Bad news: I analyzed every special teams play from last week, and Georgia sucked.

Time Play Type Result Grade Explanation
Q1 15:00 Kick Return Touchback C I’m not giving points for no action, but it could have been worse.
Q1 13:17 Punt 49 Yard Punt, 14 Yard Return C- Kicking from the 34, a net punt of just 46 yards pins Bama inside 20. Instead, Bama gets out to the 31.
Q1 11:53 Punt 24 Yard Punt puts Bama on the 14 D Know when the good time is for a 24-yard punt? Yeah me neither.
Q1 9:36 Punt Return Muffed Punt Recovered D Only way this is worse is if we actually lose the fumble.
Q1 8:33 Punt Touchback from the 48 D Yet another missed opportunity to pin Bama and flip field position. Any kick for 28-47 yards would have been better.
Q1 4:05 Field Goal D Bama Field Goal Good C A block is an A+ and Giving up a Fake for a TD is an F. This is expectedly average (which is good for Georgia’s Special Teams).
Q1 4:05 Kick Return 20 yard Return to the 20 D I gave a C for a touchback, so this is worse because the return cost Georgia five yards.
Q2 12:23 Field Goal Made Field Goal after TO C- This should have been a B (for sucessfully converting an easy FG and tying the game), but needing a TO following a 26 yard gain on 3rd and Goal from the 35 is inexcusable.
Q2 12:23 Kickoff Alabama return to 24 C+ Come on, baby! Kicking off to the 4 and holding Bama to a 20-yard return. YEAH.
Q2 8:26 XP Defense Alabama Kick Good C Nothing
Q2 8:26 Kick Return 20 Yard Return to the 22 C- Same story as the previous kick return but at least this was fielded outside of the end zone.
Q2 7:34 Punt 32 Yard Punt C- But hey…no return! Bama ball at the 42.
Q2 6:21 Punt Return Touchback C That’s a win.
Q2 4:48 Punt Blocked for a TD F Why?
Q2 4:48 XP Defense Alabama Kick Good C Nothing
Q2 4:48 Kick Return Georgia Ball on the 9 After Penalty F This play gets lost in the shuffle. After Special Teams gives up a TD on a blocked punt, we turn around with a 17 yard return to the 17 (touchback gets you to the 25) and get penalized back to the 9 for holding. Here’s 16 free yards, Bama.
Q2 3:55 Punt Georgia 36-yard Punt D Because of a stagnant offense starting inside its 10, Collin Barber was in a tight spot, but 36-yards didn’t do anyone any favors especially not when Bama still got a short return.
Q2 3:48 XP Defense Alabama Kick Good C Nothing
Q2 3:48 Kick Return Touchback C YAY!
Q2 2:23 Punt Touchback D Why? Again, Mr. 24 Yard Punt picks this one to boom 51 yards? Come on.
Q2 0:49 Punt Return 2 yard Pickup C+ Cleanly fielded and everything.
Q3 15:00 Kickoff 24 Yard Return to 24 C+ Yeahhhhh. Second Half is gonna be swell.
Q3 13:21 Punt Return No Return, Downed at 31 C Sure.
Q3 13:07 XP Defense Alabama Kick Good C Nothing
Q3 13:07 Kick Return Georgia 14-yard return to 14 D- I. Can’t. Even.
Q3 11:24 Punt Bad Punt + Bad Return + Bad Penalty F 40 yard punt from 22 puts Bama at their own 38, nine yard return puts then at their own 47, 15 yard late hit penalty puts them at Georgia 38 for a net punt of 16 yards.
Q3 10:05 XP Defense Alabama Kick Good C Nothing
Q3 10:05 Kick Return Touchback C It’s so hard.
Q3 8:18 Punt Net punt of 25 Yards C- Net 35 is good now I think.
Q3 7:08 Punt Return Fair Catch at the 19 C+ Ball security.
Q3 0:19 Punt Return Out of Bounds + Penalty D Georgia was set to have an out-of-bounds punt at the 32, but a 15-yard facemask brought the Dawgs back to their own 17.
Q3 0:10 XP XP Good C YAY! Extra Point is Good!
Q3 0:10 Kickoff Short kick returned to 29. C- Kick the ball deep.
Q4 13:23 Punt Return Punt out of Bounds at 35 C+ Decent field position thanks to short punt and no penalty.
Q4 11:45 Punt 45 Yard Punt Fair Catch B- I feel great about that.
Q4 7:06 Punt 55 Yard Punt, 23 Yard Return C- Yeah 23 yard returns shouldn’t happen.


That puts the Special Teams’ GPA at something arbitrarily in the 1.6 range. A little below C- average.

That’s bad news.


The good news is that Special Teams isn’t really one-third of the game. At least, it wasn’t against Alabama. Against the Crimson Tide, only 26.4% of all plays were Special Teams. So things could have been worse.



That’s all I got/



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