The DudeYouCrazy College Football Viewing Guide, Week 6

In case you were wondering, YES I absolutely went into hiding in the aftermath of the Alabama game. I have words drafted that I still don’t believe (because they still don’t fully make sense to me), but we’ll get those on the site before the week is out.

In the meantime, it’s almost the time of week where one can stomach the idea of another grueling Saturday of college football. By stomach, the assumption is that everyone drank away last weekend’s sorrows to a ‘body doesn’t quite forgive you before Wednesday morning’ extent.

Weeknight Warmups

There are three games somewhat worth looking into, with the Group of Five matchup being the most intriguing.

On Thursday, SMU visits Houston (ESPN2, 8) in a matchup of first-year head coaching offensive savants (Chad Morris and Tom Hermann, respectively). I will be SHAMELESSLY tuning in to this and seeing who can hang 90 points first. For a nightcap, #17 USC hosts Washington (ESPN, 9). Washington is a really bad football team. Maybe JUST MAYBE we get a drunk Steve Sarkisian playing host to his former team.

Friday night, a Lane Stadium-sized asteroid is more than welcome to hit Lane Stadium, as N.C. State visits Virginia Tech (ESPN, 8). Don’t watch this game. Unless an asteroid hits.

The Noon Bloody Mary Action

Road games in October mean this guy is smoking a pork shoulder starting Friday night, and hopefully pulling it off right as Lee Corso puts on a mascot head. So by the second quarter of these games, I’ll be in an Eastern N.C. BBQ and bloody mary food coma, making this slate unreasonably enjoyable:

#7 LSU at South Carolina (…at LSU) (ESPN, noon) yeah, so this game is all sorts of weird. Flooding in South Cack moves it to LSU, who is now the de facto ‘home’ team but still technically the road team. However, LSU wears white at home anyway, so nothing is going to look amiss. All it means is South Carolina somehow pulls the upset.

Actually, that’s all a pretty solid hook for this game.

Indiana at Penn State (ESPN2) at the same time is the only other non-bloodletting on the noon slate, unless of course you count Christian Hackenburg playing behind the Nittanies’ O-line. #3 Baylor at Kansas (FS1) and the Red River Shootout (ABC) will just be fun ass-whoopings.

3:30, CBS, Dawgs, and what to do if it goes awry again

Let’s hope this timeslot goes better for UGA than it did last week, because otherwise your options are as follows:

  • 3-loss(!) Georgia Tech at #6 Clemson, ABC/ESPN2 and opposite Wisconsin/Nebraska, for some reason, which is fun if you hate the ACC or Georgia Tech, because one of the two entities’ seasons will be over after this game;
  • #13 Northwestern at #18 Michigan, BTN: I don’t get Big Ten Network, and for once, I say: “thank you, Comcast”.
  • Navy at #15 Notre Dame, NBC, for which I say, as always: if this is your choice, please stop following this blog.

Early Evening Something or Anothers

The evening slate is full of hilarious upset potential games, one actually GOOD game, and #11 Florida at Mizzou (SECN, 7:30) where we are fully invested in a Tiger victory that could easily happen.

The good game referenced is, of course, #21 Oklahoma State traveling to West Virginia (7, ESPN2). Bear with me here: Holgo is a Mike Gundy disciple, which I didn’t know was a thing. West Virginia at night means batteries thrown at opposing players. Both teams are TERRIBLY capable of beating someone from the Baylor/TCU/Oklahoma triumvirate, or losing to anyone not named Kansas. If you’re in our Pick’Em, put this as a ‘1’ in your confidence scale and get as drunk as every WVU fan you see.

Hilarious upset potential games, ranked:

  1. #2 TCU at Kansas State, 7:30 FOX
  2. Miami at #12 Florida State, 8 ABC
  3. Arkansas at #8 Alabama, 7 ESPN
  4. #4 Michigan State at Rutgers, 7:30 BTN

Despite K-State’s injuries, they’re totally capable of springing an upset. Florida State’s offense is nonsense and Dalvin Cook is questionable. I can think of two occasions where Rutgers (who has never been good) has beaten top-5 opponents at home in the last seven years.

Then…there’s #3 on the list. Plausible? Kinda.

We’re Up All Night to Get Lucky (With the Best Game of the Week)

#23 Cal at #5 Utah (10, ESPN) is said game. We were all stupid enough to get drunk in Athens’ torrential downpour last week that we missed an excellent slate of games. Turns out, the ones who stayed home last week were the lucky ones.


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