SEC Stock Report, Week 6: EVERYBODY PANIC!

This is not the blog post in which we tell you everything is okay.

Let’s just jump right in.


Florida, Texas A&M, Alabama, Mizzou with a new QB


This stings.

Florida beating Ole Miss 38-10 makes it twice as bad. In the “begrudging self props” category, I wrote this before the season:

With some offensive tweaks, you could squint and see a 10-2 team in blue and orange (still a gross color combination) in 2015. (And on the Ole Miss game) If they’re 4-0 (2-0) coming into this, they’ll already be ranked. The Swamp will be electric for the ESPN 7:00 kickoff (not CBS because of the matter of Alabama/Georgia). Two teams that struggled on offense last year, and one that four games into a new system should be much improved.

Yep. Full ‘buy’ at this point. Your SEC East champs.

Alabama: I don’t wanna talk about it.

Texas A&M: Not convinced they’re great yet, but they more or less shut down Dak Prescott with the still-suspect defense, and showed offensive balance for once. They’re a classic ‘you don’t want to play them, but they could lose to anybody’ team for the rest of the season. That makes them scary in the SEC West.

Missouri: For two years of previews, Andrew and I harped on Maty Mauk’s mindnumbingly low completion percentage for what amounts to a dink-and-dunk offense. New guy Drew Lock started 13/16 in Mizzou’s win over South Carolina.



That’s it. This is what a Brian Schottenheimer offense gets you (short incompletions, killed momentum, negative field position), and this is the price we pay for being Georgia fans.

I wrote the following subhead in a post entitled “Three Reasons Alabama Will Win” last week, mostly to troll you, the reader. Now I kinda believe it:

S**t, it Georgia the new Clemson?

Whoo buddy.


Tennessee, Kentucky, LSU, Ole Miss, Arkansas, Mississippi State

Why hold Tennessee? Three close losses in games they should’ve won. Verne and Gary curse this weekend. GRAY UNIFORMS! The ‘overdue’ factor. See also: “SELL” column.

Kentucky: I don’t know what to make of them, as this is their second pedestrian performance against a barely-FBS program. ‘Up-or-down-to-your-competition’ team from 2013 and 2014? Your two-time East champ Missouri Tigers.

LSU: Will fall off in November when Leonard Fournette’s legs do.

Ole Miss: Not fair to have them as a ‘hold’ when I sell on Georgia, but they have a tiebreaker in place over their biggest division competition.

Arkansas: HEY NOW, BERT!

Mississippi State: SO close to putting them in the following category, invented JUST THIS WEEK!


Allow me to introduce the category in which I exercise extreme schadenfreude in burying teams. Please note, Georgia fans that haven’t stopped reading yet, that I did not ‘bury’ the Dawgs (though I totally just edited out the phrase ‘bury the Dawgs’).

Auburn, South Carolina, Vanderbilt

Auburn: Outgained by San Jose State, but 4 turnovers buried the Spartans. They then dismissed Duke Williams this week.

South Carolina: Lost the game I hope nobody watched, 24-10. At least they can go into full ‘groom Lorenzo Nunez’ mode now.

Vanderbilt: Vanderbilt. They actually BEAT MTSU for their second win of the season. PROGRESS!


Shelved for this week because I want one more week of sample size (namely, I want to see Georgia bounce back so I can keep them in the top tier).

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