Georgia Football Knee Jerk Reactions: Alabama Edition

We’re just under 48 hours removed from the events of October 3rd, and I’m pleased to announced that the patented DPalm Spinzone © is in full effect. The work is not done, but by tonight’s recording of the not-yet-award winning DudeYouPodcast, I’m confident that I’ll be able to find every imaginable positive from the mollywopping received Saturday. Hell, Andrew already did a good bit of the heavy lifting with his blog from yesterday morning (HERE!), but I can’t do that yet. I made a promise (?) to an impartial viewing of the facts of the matter, giving an honest account of what happeend. But let’s be clear, this is less an accounting, more an autopsy.

The Good:

– Ah, brevity. My old friend. Nick Chubb took down a UGA record that I thought I would never see fall. As Georgia secured it’s legacy as tailback U (shout out to the domination by Todd Gurley yesterday), I thought that the sheer number of great backs would keep one from breaking this mark. Hell, even if one stood out from the pack, injury bugs seem to congregate in the Georgia running back meeting room, but Nick Chubb laughed at my doubts and reeled off a record number of 100 yard rushing games. Good for him, good for Georgia, good for the line.

The Bad:

– HOPE YOU BROUGHT A LUNCH. Look, we knew coming into the season that the quarterback situation was…less than ideal. Anytime you have to bring in a transfer, that means that things have gone sideways in recruiting. For Georgia, it’s was a good problem, as established starters did not look to be disrupted from under center, but bad because it is harder to bring guys in just to sit behind a Stafford or a Murray. The offense did a great job the past two weeks of accentuating the strengths of Lambert, but those were for naught in a rainy, windy day. Weak arm exposed and the best way to attack Bama rendered moot (stretch the safeties, challenge downfield; see the two early throws to Mitchell), the wheels came of the passing attack, and the foundation for our entire offensive gameplan Saturday.

– My biggest quarterbacking issue? Feeding the controversy by ever turning to Ramsey. There’s a very good reason that this young man has not succeeded in taking this job the past two summers. Now it’s on film. I’m as anti-recruiting news as you get, but the quarterback play across the board was so bad, I looked to see how Eason did in the rain. He did awesome, since I know you’re wondering.

– Passing game wasn’t working, but neither was the running game. We established that this was the best front 7 that UGA will play all year, and hoped that a balanced attack would open things up. While there were some good runs (no defense can be right 100% of the time), I would have liked to see more consistency and variety in the play calling. It has to be more than “Chubb inside, Michel outside” to catch a defense that good off guard.


Displaying IMG_5340.PNG

– I know intellectually he’s not wrong, but man oh man was that hard to watch. In conditions like that, Bama played the PERFECT game against this defense, taking advantage of tendencies and knowing this signal caller inside and out. Kiffin (who should have TWO jobs in Miami to choose from) did a masterful job of exploiting the cover 3 behind the zone blitzes, and making the secondary pay when they started to cheat based on those throws.

– Derrick Henry had the exact game that Alabama needed him to; own the clock, no negative plays and keep the pressure off Jacob Coker. Check, check, and by god check. Henry’s running from the second quarter on set the tempo, and the offensive line was MASTERFUL in handling the youth up front for Georgia.

The Ugly:

– I’m legitimately not emotionally ready to talk about it. Special teams play is LITERALLY a weekly punchline on the podcast, and the turning point from Saturday was the blocked punt. Turning point on AND off the field, to be honest. Please note the misspelling of PUNT.

– I mean, can we lump from the 2nd quarter on into the ugly column? It’s my blog and I get to choose? TO THE UGLY COLUMN YOU GO GAME.

I’m not as sky as falling as Jason, but I’m certainly not as confident as Andrew. The line I’ve quoted ad nauseam since coming here rings true: winning hides the problems, losing magnifies them, but the problems are always there.

And boy, does this team have problems. Am I glad we had them exposed in October and not November? Sure, I guess. All the goals for this team are still on the table, and there’s a lot of football to play and blah blah blah. I know these things, I know this sport. I know that these players and coaches will keep fighting just as I know the other shoe is going to drop on my Falcons some time soon. But there’s a wide gulf between what I know and how I feel, and I can think of just one way to bridge the two.

Go Dawgs.

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