Georgia Football: Don’t Act Like It’s All Over and Don’t Act Like You Know It Is

Don’t act like that wasn’t a near-perfect game out of Alabama in sloppy conditions.

And don’t act like that’s not about as poorly as we should expect Georgia to play.

And don’t act like Georgia doesn’t lay an egg every season.

And don’t act like an egg-laying against Tennessee, Missouri, Florida, Kentucky, Auburn or Georgia Tech wouldn’t have also yielded a loss.

And don’t act like a non-egg-laying effort guaranteed a win against Alabama.

And don’t act like Alabama isn’t now the favorite in the SEC West.

And don’t act like Georgia can’t still beat a Tennessee team that can’t hold a lead.

And don’t act like Georgia can’t beat Missouri at home.

And don’t act like Florida went from dumpster fire to NFL-caliber team in just five weeks.

And don’t act like Kentucky and Auburn have shown any sustainable threat to anything other than Georgia’s worst.

So don’t act like Georgia can’t win the division despite an embarrassing loss in the first weekend of October.

And don’t act like we didn’t see that as recently as 2012.

And don’t act like we have any idea what this team will be capable of in December.

And don’t act like Georgia didn’t do itself proud on its last SEC Championship Game appearance.

And don’t act like this team can’t have the same ceiling.

Don’t act like the ass-whooping Bama dished out wasn’t disappointing.

And don’t act like we, as fans, are fine with it.

But don’t act like you care more than Georgia’s coaching staff or its players.

And don’t act like a loss means the end of the season.

And don’t act like one of the lessons to be learned from a loss to Alabama is something other than the notion that teams can lose and come back—just like Bama did after a loss to Ole Miss.

And don’t act like Georgia can’t come back.

And please, for the love of all things good, don’t act like Georgia fans deserve better.

And don’t act like another coach in school history has won so many games in his first 15 seasons.

And don’t act like part of why Georgia has lost to so many great teams doesn’t have to do with Georgia playing a lot more great teams lately.

And don’t act like Georgia used to win national titles all the time.

And don’t act like Mark Richt’s character negates his ability to win football games.

And don’t act like he’s not going to win more.

And don’t act like Alabama was ever really supposed to be a win.

And don’t act like when this schedule was announced you fully anticipated a 5-0 start.

And don’t act like Georgia “came out flat” like it did in 2008 against Bama or in 2012 against South Carolina, because the Dawgs held tight for the first 20+ minutes of the game.

And don’t act like the loss yesterday, ugly as it may have been, means anything more than just that—a loss.

And don’t act like there can’t be a shot at a rematch.

And don’t act like a rematch won’t be more competitive.

And don’t act like Tennessee doesn’t matter.


And don’t act like you’re still reading this.



That’s all I got/


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  1. Don’t act like Richt has won against ranked opponents. 11-18 since 2009.

  2. Don’t act like this game doesn’t prove that the program has progressed not one inch since the 2008 Bammer game

    Don’t act like the result would have been any worse if Mark Richt had stayed home and my 9 year-old daughter was coaching on the sidelines

    Don’t act like Steve Spurrier, Urban Meyer, Nick Saban, and probably 20 more guys that I’m not paid to think of wouldn’t have won at least one SEC Championship since 2008 with Georgia’s talent, resources and fan base

    Don’t act like Mark Richt has gotten anywhere near everything that should be gotten out of a program like Georgia’s

    Don’t act like losing 75% of games against top 10 teams since 2008 should be an acceptable record for a UGA football coach

    Don’t act like Being a Good Christian should provide a coach an everlasting pass for mediocre results

    Don’t act like Mark Richt is adding $4MM (or whatever the heck he’s paid) of value to this team

    Don’t act like there’s probably 50-100 coaches who could have gotten similar results at Georgia since 2008. It ain’t rocket science to win your three lay-up games, beat Vandy and Kentucky, and then beat 4-5 of the remaining 8 teams you played (usually the decent programs having down (unranked) years). What is rocket science is figuring out how to win half of your big games, which puts you in position to win championships. My 9 year old daughter doesn’t know how to do it, but alas, neither does CMR.

    Go Dawgs

  3. Good stuff I alway like reading your blog. We still have it out in front of us. I’m still all in bro

  4. WTF! Why shouldn’t we deserve better?Stupid statement!

  5. WTF! Why don’t we deserve better? We’re supposed to be satisfied with getting humiliated atleast once a year.

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