Georgia Football: Three Reasons Georgia Will Win

Because that’s a pretty plausible scenario, too. 

Yesterday, I posted three reasons why Alabama is going to roll into Athens and win. Though I picked the Tide to win on the award-winning DudeYouPodcast, it’s really a hedge…I have no idea.

So, there is some opponent-based pessimism, but there’s certainly reason to believe the Dawgs can (and should?) win.

Jake Coker is probably more error-prone than Greyson Lambert

I riffed on my trepidation about Greyson Lambert vs. better competition. Well…

Coker has been very inefficient, breaking 60% in completion percentage just once (the opener vs. Wisconsin). He threw two picks against comparable competition in Ole Miss, and hasn’t thrown for more than 5 YPA in the past two games. On passes traveling over 15 yards from the line of scrimmage, Coker is 1/15 for 42 yards.

The horizontal tendency of Lane Kiffin’s passing game plays into Georgia’s hands, where rangy linebackers (you know the names) and Dominick Sanders in a ‘robber’ role should be in the vicinity of a lot of balls. Georgia SHOULD find at least one pick during this game, and my hope is that that’s a low estimate.

There’s also Georgia’s pass rush. It is good. You know this.

This is also Coker’s first road challenge, and he stands to face 92,000 screaming fans PLUS the elements. If Lambert can avoid mistakes and play Coker to at least a draw, advantage Georgia. Make Alabama one-dimensional, advantage Georgia.

Georgia hasn’t really tried to run tempo…yet

Alabama’s D is most vulnerable to mobile QB’s. The Bulldogs’ stable is…not that, but some no-huddle could simulate that experience.

If Georgia can force Alabama into personnel disadvantages, the Dawgs could feast with their run/pass balance. Getting All-American Reggie Ragland into coverage on a TE or (prayers) a speedy slot WR could be lead to a field day between the hashes. Ragland is very Amarlo Herrera-esque: great in run-stuffing, mediocre against the pass. Bama’s back four is susceptible to the deep ball, and the thought of 1-on-1 matchups for Malcolm Mitchell have me feeling some type of way.

Finally, if the game does turn into a muddy slopfest, forcing tempo with Chubb/Michel/Marshall could wear the Bama D completely out over a four-quarter game.

Speaking of Michel, get him the ball

I’m hoping to see Chubb and Michel on the field together a lot on Saturday. Jet sweeps, fly sweeps, slants against linebackers…Michel has a chance to have a HUGE game against a defense keying on #27.

Find a way to get Sony 15 touches, and good things are going to happen.

BONUS (and I’ll regret this one): Alabama special teams woes? 

God, I hate myself for typing these words. But Alabama’s specialists have been anything but special thus far.

PK Adam Griffith is 3/7 on field goals. P J.K. Scott is 92nd of 100 qualified punters in yardage per kick.

Maybe (KNOCK ON WOOD VIGOROUSLY) Georgia pounds Alabama’s third unit into submission.


The rain may render all of these points moot. This game may go crazy and be 17-17 after the first quarter.

What I’m saying is: we know nothing about what’s going to take place Between the Hedges today.

But it’s gonna be a HELLUVA lot of fun, and Georgia has a chance for a statement win at 3:30. Stay tuned.

Go Dawgs.

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