Georgia Football: It’s Here- The Georgia/Alabama Drinking Game

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Alabama’s finally back in town.   It sure doesn’t feel like seven years since the Tide strolled into Athens, made quick work of the preseason #1 Bulldogs, then didn’t look back for the next several years.  But here we are.

Things feel different this time around though.  Alabama comes into this game already having one loss, dropping out of the top 5, whereas in 2008, they came into Athens surging up the polls after early season beatdowns of Clemson and Arkansas.  While the Tide have “struggled” (this is a VERY relative term here) early in the season, the Dawgs have looked better each week.

So Georgia fans can approach this game with cautious optimism, and there’s a palpable buzz around Athens.  But we’ve all seen this play out before.  However optimistic they may be, fans need to prepare for the worst.  And what better way to prepare than to drown your fears in a bottle of bourbon. Chad’s note: bourbon is nature’s poncho.  Plus, if things turn out well, you’ve already got a head start on your postgame buzz.  Below are the rules for the Georgia-Alabama drinking game.  We’re gonna get a little more aggressive this week in preparation for the worst.

Alabama @ Georgia drinking rules:

  • Just go ahead and finish that first drink when the inevitable highlights of that 2008 game are shown
  • Drink if the announcers mention this is the first time that Alabama’s been an underdog since 2009
  • Take a shot for every Alabama missed field goal.
  • Take 13 drinks (one for every game in the streak) if Chubb goes over 100 yards. If nobody around you mentions him breaking Herschel’s record, drink double.
  • 5 drinks if Verne Lundquist ogles over Greyson Lambert’s girlfriend at any point.
    • Just keep drinking into oblivion if he starts comparing her to Katherine Webb
  • Drink if any of the Lane Kiffin rumors are mentioned
    • Finish that drink if there’s any mention of Joey Freshwater
  • Drink when the announcers start breaking down Jeremy Pruitt’s tenure at Alabama
  • Drink if there’s a questionable targeting call that gets a key player ejected. Doesn’t this just feel like a game that happens?
  • If you’re near an Alabama fan, drink every time they scream for a quarterback change. This could be very dangerous.
  • If Georgia falls behind 31-0 at the half again, just turn the game off and turn that bottle upside down until it’s gone.

Season-long Georgia Bulldog drinking rules:

  • Finish your drink on Georgia’s first Special Teams error of the day
    • Shot for each additional Special Teams mistake
  • #ChugForChubb every time he gets the ball


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