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Georgia Football: Your Saturday Morning Georgia Video Hype Playlist

Our friends over at The UGA Vault continue to relentlessly pursue entertainment options for Georgia fans and their new YouTube page is pretty damn stout.

Apparently they’re launching a full-scale Alabama playlist for next week and most of that content is already in The Vault app itself, but in the meantime here’s their 2015 best-of playlist. This has everything from a 50 year-old ass whipping against Alabama and David Pollack’s demoralizing of South Carolina to Aaron Murray and Herschel Walker records and new classics like Leonard Floyd, Jordan Jenkins, Lorenzo Carter and Nick Chubb.



You can download the UGA Vault for FREE on Android and iOS here. There’s a whole lot more in there.



That’s all I got/


Georgia Football: The Bulldogs Will Give Up 28 Points to Southern Tomorrow, Brace Yourself

Southern University wide receiver Willie Quinn stands all of 5-foot-5 and weights a whopping 145 pounds. He’s a decent receiver (750+ receiving yards and 5+ TDs in each of the last two seasons). But dude is a beast as a specialist, presumably because he’s too small to see.

Already this year he’s scored three time on returns (once on a punt, twice on a kickoff) and he’s averaging 21.5 yards per punt return and 33.4 yards per kickoff return. Last year, he returned two punts for touchdowns and one kick for a touchdown while averaging 22.2 yards per punt return and 25.8 yards per kickoff return. In 2013 he returned one kickoff for a score and averaged 29.5 yards per return. In 2012, he didn’t play.

So if you’re doing the math at home, Willie Quinn has scored seven touchdowns on returns in 29 career games. You’re an idiot if you don’t think Georgia’s special teams’ struggles will yield a field day for Quinn.

He might score four times. And according to some, that would be a success.



I miss the days when this was what defined Georgia’s special teams. Wait. Who am I kidding? I wasn’t alive in 1984…


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// EXCLUSIVE! The Georgia vs. Southern Drinking Game

Editor’s note: Meet my friend Josh Thompson. Josh mentioned to me his idea to publish a weekly Georgia drinking game on our site. I thought Andrew had retweeted the South Carolina game edition, but I couldn’t find it on a quick search of his timeline. It’s altogether possible I made that up. Last weekend was hazy. He can be found on twitter at @j_thompson89

Anyway, this is freaking fantastic, and will prompt equal or greater haziness THIS Saturday. 

Take it away, Josh! 

Good morning, DudeYouCrazy readers. After meeting Chad at a tailgate last weekend, I offered my talents to bring you the weekly Georgia football drinking game.  There are two sets of rules here:  weekly rules that differ for each game, and two rules that will repeat every gameday.

To those who choose to partake: I salute you.  Getting up and ready to drink for a noon kickoff against an FCS foe is quite a feat. Considering the Friday night that (Editor edit) alcoholics like you/us assuredly had, I’m sure you’ll be able to use this game as an excuse to day drink.  That said I’ve tried to keep in mind that we will be nursing hangovers while sipping on Bloody Marys, and not throwing back light beer as if this were an SEC game.

Southern @ Georgia drinking rules:

  • Drink when the announcers mention that this is Southern’s first game against an SEC school.
  • Drink every time the announcers discuss the Alabama game next week, since everybody has already mentally moved past this one.
  • 5 drinks when they discuss Lambert’s NCAA record game last week
    • BONUS SHOT if they mention that performance “ending the QB competition”
  • Finish your drink if it’s mentioned that Lambert is now dating Miss Georgia
  • 3 drinks when the “Southern’s band will win halftime” joke is made
  • Shot when Malcolm Mitchell’s children’s book is brought up
  • Drink when it’s mentioned that there’s a new Uga this season
    • Drink again if this ends in a shot of ‘Cue sitting in his doghouse

Weekly Georgia Bulldog drinking rules:

  • Finish your drink on Georgia’s first Special Teams error of the day
    • Shot for each additional Special Teams mistake
  • Keep drinking every time Chubb carries the ball. Henceforth known as the #ChugForChubb



DudeYouPodcast 132: UGA Week Four Preview

Southern University is coming to Athens, and we’re here with your preview of this game, the SEC weekend and more.

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Guys…Saturday Edge is Legit

And I’m not saying that just because they may or may not pay us to.

Their five pickers went a combined 16-3 last week, NAILED Stanford/USC, and are hitting close to 65% in the last calendar year.

This is free money! Why aren’t you at least signed up for their FREE weekly prospectus yet? I am. My gentleman’s $20 on Georgia Tech’s losses with Daniel was cleared by The Saturday Edge’s top guys.

Let’s get paid to read

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