Georgia Football: SEC Stock Report, Week 5

Next week we get to make some sweeping changes, for better or for worse. 


Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, the class with which Georgia handled the Devon Gales incident.

I’m buying Alabama for posterity because its Alabama game week and I don’t jinx my teams. They did what Georgia did this week– survived another lower-level easy win with no major injuries. Only Lane Kiffin rumors.

Florida, I don’t like being right in this regard, but…they’re 2-0 in the SEC with Ole Miss coming into town this Saturday night. Wins are wins, especially in the first month of a new coaching regime.

Kentucky is more of a long-term buy, because hey. 2-1 without having played Vandy yet is the best Kentucky I’ve seen in what, 10 years?


Arkansas, Auburn, Missouri, South Carolina, Vanderbilt, Tennessee’s ability to hold a lead in the fourth quarter (again).

MAKE THEM DIG THEIR OWN GRAVES WATCH: Auburn, South Carolina, Vandy. They done. All are 0-2, all have no hope, and all is good in the world.

Amazingly, Arkansas should have easily won the game against Texas A&M on Saturday night. They dominated time of possession, made moving the ball look EXTREMELY easy in the third quarter, then…changed their gameplan. I’m not putting a second-straight second half resurgence past them, but…it’s not likely.

Mizzou, God bless. They FINALLY lost a game they deserved to lose. Good on ya, Kentucky.



LSU, Mississippi State, Ole Miss, Tennessee, Texas A&M, and…on to your hats this week.

I’m going to go ahead and throw my hat into the ring as a non-believer in LSU, and it has nothing to do, specifically, with their 34-24 win at Syracuse on Saturday. I just don’t think their defense or the “Fournette and get out of the way” offense are sustainable, long-term. 3-0 coming out of September would have looked pretty good to any objective LSU fan a month ago, though.

#CLANGA just kinda sat on Auburn for 60 minutes, and that was effective. Nothing really to write home about from that. They travel to Texas A&M, who looked dominant, then lost, then damn good again in their overtime win against Arkansas. Their win is a case study in the yards per play vs. time of possession debate (I don’t know if there is one). If there is, another win for YPP! To quote anonymous:

You down with YPP?

Yeah you know me

Ole Miss gets a hold for the week for its not-inspiring win over Vandy, who, despite all of my talk of relegating them to the Sun Belt, has acquitted itself in two SEC games in which it was outmatched on paper.

Finally, the strange case of Tennessee. I’m not selling because they WILL beat someone of note this year (hell, give Alabama their third loss). But…what happened to their passing game? They have the most talented group of receivers in the league outside of College Station, these receivers established themselves on college football fields last year…and none have over 100 receiving yards through a MONTH? It’s ridiculous, and definitely something to watch going forward. If the Passtronaut is no better at pushing the ball downfield than his predecessors, well buddy, you’ve got another 6-6 squad on your hands.

Power Ranked, Just Straight Up This Week

Based on schedule and performance to date as opposed to projecting.

  1. Ole Miss
  2. LSU
  3. Georgia
  4. Alabama
  5. Texas A&M
  6. Florida
  7. Mississippi State
  8. Tennessee
  9. Kentucky
  10. Arkansas
  11. Missouri
  12. South Carolina
  13. Auburn
  14. Vanderbilt


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