Georgia Football Knee Jerk Reactions: Southern University Edition

My earliest football memories are covered in red and black, but not because of UGA. Before I ever stepped foot in Sanford Stadium, before Steve Spurrier ruined my childhood, before I even knew who Herschel Walker was, my football memories are of the Mighty Panthers of Clark Atlanta University. CAU is a Historically Black College and University just outside of downtown Atlanta, and my Saturdays growing up were punctuated with family trips to the game of the week. Even as I got older, there were two Saturdays that remain sacred: Homecoming Weekend, and the Morehouse game. So, the fact that Southern was the first HBCU to play in Sanford resonated with me on a level deeper than what some considered a throw away game in September.

The game was what it was; one team got a check, the other team got a tune up. But, we break down the game at hand here on Mondays, and break down the game we shall. Tomorrow starts the business of thinking about that team from out west, but enjoy a 4-0 Georgia team today.

The Good:

– The last two weeks have resulted in just two incompletions by Lambert, and this is the level of confidence you want your quarterback to be displaying headed into the meat of the schedule. Saturday did not require much out of the quarterback position, but the starter delivered at every turn. Decisions were made crisply, the ball was delivered with pace and on time, and it bodes well for the coming weeks.

– I love the anecdote about Chubb wanting to get Herschel’s record because it mattered so much to his linemen. While I don’t value humility as much as the average American, I can appreciate a running back caring about his offensive line. Three touchdowns later, and opportunity lies in front of him.

– This tweet WAS a joke. But I rewatched the game, and Chubb, Sony Michel and Jeb Blaze make this a legitimate question.

– Defense defensed all over the place. Actually looked very strong against the run this week, but it will be interesting to see what happens when a true duel threat rears its head later this season. Make no mistake, Southern has real football players on that team, and the tight end was among the most sure handed we’ll see all year. But Pruitt’s group did a great job bottling up the run, identifying what Southern wanted to do, and forcibly taking it away from them.

The Bad:

– One decent punt. One missed field goal by the back up. Spotty kick coverage at best. Same song, different day. All in all, I still feel horribly uneasy when the special teams unit is on the field. Can’t let this be the phase of the game that hurts us against the team from out west next week.

The Ugly:

– Get well soon Devon Gales.

Here’s where I usually put a bow on the game, and start talking about the next week. But, there isn’t much of a postmortem here, and we’ll be talking about next week all week. So, I’m going to cap this here blog with a video of Southern University’s Human Jukebox doing WORK at halftime in Athens. You’re welcome. Be sure to drop a Dusty Rhodes Bionic Elbow on that subscribe button on the not-yet-award-winning Dude You Podcast so you don’t miss an episode of our audio idiocy.

Go Dawgs.

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