Georgia Football: The Bulldogs Will Give Up 28 Points to Southern Tomorrow, Brace Yourself

Southern University wide receiver Willie Quinn stands all of 5-foot-5 and weights a whopping 145 pounds. He’s a decent receiver (750+ receiving yards and 5+ TDs in each of the last two seasons). But dude is a beast as a specialist, presumably because he’s too small to see.

Already this year he’s scored three time on returns (once on a punt, twice on a kickoff) and he’s averaging 21.5 yards per punt return and 33.4 yards per kickoff return. Last year, he returned two punts for touchdowns and one kick for a touchdown while averaging 22.2 yards per punt return and 25.8 yards per kickoff return. In 2013 he returned one kickoff for a score and averaged 29.5 yards per return. In 2012, he didn’t play.

So if you’re doing the math at home, Willie Quinn has scored seven touchdowns on returns in 29 career games. You’re an idiot if you don’t think Georgia’s special teams’ struggles will yield a field day for Quinn.

He might score four times. And according to some, that would be a success.



I miss the days when this was what defined Georgia’s special teams. Wait. Who am I kidding? I wasn’t alive in 1984…


That’s all I got/



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  1. Man, does that bring on the nostalgia. That Clemson game was my first as a student at UGA. I started the Fall of ’84, having moved down the week of this game. We had already played a game a couple of weeks earlier but classes hadn’t started and I missed it. We were losing about 20-3 at the half and I went to a concession stand to get a drink. A kid of about 10 in a Clemson shirt, who was behind me in line, started giving me crap without me having even noticed him. He said something to the effect of GA sucks, if I were you I wouldn’t even stay for the 2nd half, causing his dad to chuckle, Now I was actually thinking he was probably right, we had stunk the first half, but I turned around and said, “Kid, you’re smiling now, but you’re gonna be crying all the way home.” I didn’t actually believe it but I wasn’t backing down from a smartass little kid. His dad actually thought that was funny too, so it ended amicably. I have always wondered how much that kid thought about me on the way home that afternoon.
    At that point, after the game, we were 45-4-1 over the previous 4 plus years, I was starting my college career and the sky was the limit. I really believed that I was going to spend the next four years trying to come up with the funds for trips to New Orleans. The atmosphere in the bars that night was incredible, everyone thinking the same thing. We lost the next week to South Carolina, and then, after climbing to a 7-1 record, got whipped by Florida, Auburn and Yech. That 7-1 record was as close as I would come to an SEC title as a student. I was there until Jan of ’89, so I got Coach Dooley’s last year. My last game as a student was a beatdown of Tech. Didn’t always go the way I had envisioned, but I definitely got a couple of memorable bookend games, and three wins over the Gators. Man do I feel old

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