The Official Word on Lane Kiffin’s Rumored Affair with an Alabama Booster and/or Nick Saban’s Daughter

[Update 3:56 P.M. EST]

kiffin twitter

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Lane Kiffin, who follows me and 443 other people in the world on Twitter, has not reached out to me with a comment. In fairness, the road goes two ways and I have not reached out to Lane, either. As it stands, I have not been in touch with Lane Kiffin since he stiffed me when I asked about his thoughts on horse racing last summer.

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[Update 3:19 P.M. EST]

TMZ coming in with the hottest most un-TMZ take ever. “Lane Kiffin NOT FIRED AT ALABAMA…Despite Banging Rumors.”

Per TMZ, Josh Maxson (sounds like a fake name) is the director of communications and confirmed that Kiffin still works at Alabama. He added that he didn’t want to respond to any “stupid” or “crazy” rumors.

Crazy, eh? Did we just get name dropped by a low-level staffer at the University of Alabama and TMZ? I think we did.

Related, Maxson, bruh. Come on man. How you gonna be the media contact for Football and Women’s Golf? That’s weirer than the Kiffin rumors themselves.

[Update 2:31 P.M. EST]

People are hating so hard on the photo selection. Nobody said Lane Kiffin would only sleep with Saban’s daughter if she was super fine. Lane’s not a pig like that. Maybe she just got him, ya know?

[Update 1:55 P.M. EST]

This is a fluid situation and deserves approrpiate updating. Lane Kiffin’s Wikipedia page has been taken. He is now Lane Saban and has an interesting award to his name.


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This is a thing y’all. I mean the alleged activities aren’t confirmed as a thing. But the allegations are definitely a thing.

So what’s the official word on this?

Bottom line: Alabama fans are ignorant and they want Lane Kiffin out. This has nothing to do with hooking up with women not named Layla Kiffin.



They’re mad about a loss in which Kiffin’s offense scored 37 points against a damn good defense despite missing out on two full possessions because of kickoff return/fielding issues. Hell, some fans want Saban out because it’s time for Kirby Smart (whose defenses have allowed 43 and 42 points in their two most recent losses) to step up. This has everything to do with football and nothing to do with sleeping with women.

I mean think about it. In Alabama, you don’t even get in trouble for sleeping with your cousin. So why would Kiffin be forced to resign for sleeping with a booster’s wife? Is sleeping with your boss’s daughter really a a fireable offense? Probably not in Alabama. It just makes no sense relative to the law of the land.

When in Rome you do what the Romans do, and when in Alabama—if you’re a fan—you make up rumors to get guys in trouble when things don’t go your way in football games. And when in Alabama, if you’re Lane Kiffin and your wife still lives in California you go for the next-best-thing to an attractive blonde coach’s wife and you make moves on an attractive blonde coach’s daughter. Allegedly.

But either way, there’s no real story here.

Lane, you dog you.

Lane, you dog you. But this is not really Saban’s daughter. Blame Google.

That’s all I got/


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