Georgia Football: SEC Stock Report, Week 3

Let’s just get this out of the way right at the start here, to avoid confusion: yes, Vanderbilt beat Austin Peay 47-7 on Saturday for its first win of the year, and we’re all very impressed. However, I cannot justify putting a “buy”, “sell”, or “hold” on Vanderbilt at this point, as their stock is officially (someone give me the appropriate term here) unmarketable. Peay has now been outscored 127-20 in the game of college football this year with previous losses to Mercer and Southern Miss.

That ain’t good.

The rest of the debauchery interpreted from a Saturday in which I only really got to see two games is broken down as follows:


LSU, Georgia, Ole Miss

Let’s start with Georgia, because I’m about to self-contradict last week’s Stock Report, in which I had the Dawgs as a hold until we saw something from Greyson Lambert. WELP? Mission accomplished.

It would hold, then, that I would have the same qualifier for LSU’s Brandon Harris then, no? He threw for 85 yards against Auburn, which I firmly believe I could do. Why is LSU in the buys this week, then? Their 45-21 romp over Auburn wasn’t nearly as close as the final score would indicate. When you can score 45 points against 11 guys who know exactly where the ball’s going and still can’t stop it, it’s impressive.

Ole Miss was the team I struggled most to put in this section this week. They did what nobody does and won AT Alabama, but the way they did it felt a little bit fluky, no? My buys are as follows: Chad Kelly and the passing game (shock level: HIGH) and a top-of-the-line SEC defense (shock level: NONE). Good on ya, Rebs.


Arkansas, Auburn, Mizzou, South Carolina

Missouri has two amazing sources of continuity going for them: their defense, which smothered another opponent in holding UConn to 6 points, and Maty Mauk, who is still objectively terrible in his third year as the starter. In case you don’t follow, UConn is a really REALLY bad football team. I can’t trust this defense to carry this offense anymore.

// does “Steve Spurrier to replace Lee Corso on College GameDay” read to you right now? T-70 days until that headline becomes reality. I can’t say that I saw Arkansas’ collapse coming, but if it provides COACHBEEF…I’m all for it.

Auburn? Ignoring them drives them crazy. So….



Alabama, Florida, Kentucky, Mississippi State, Texas A&M, Tennessee

Let’s get the elephant in the room out of the way early: I am not selling on Alabama, because karma is a bitch and five turnovers doesn’t mean they’re not fully capable of going all 2008 on our asses in two weeks.

Florida and Kentucky are your two kids at summer camp who invent perfectly reasonable variations of games during free time and won’t let the other kids play because “they wouldn’t understand”. They were always a little weird, Florida and Kentucky.

Texas A&M is starting to make me wonder if its defensive renaissance against Arizona State was a one-time thing, if Arizona State is not good at football, or if they’re testing the “you can coast until your next marquee game” theory. A 44-27 home win over Nevada does nothing but elicit a major yawn. Watch them lose to Arkansas this week.

Mississippi State and Tennessee? Cool wins, guys.




  1. Georgia (SEC East bump)
  2. Ole Miss
  3. LSU
  4. Alabama

Still Not Sure

  1. Texas A&M
  2. Tennessee


  1. Missouri
  2. Mississippi State
  3. Florida
  4. Kentucky


  1. Auburn
  2. Arkansas


  1. South Carolina


  1. Vandy


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