Georgia Football Knee Jerk Reactions: South Carolina Edition

Over the past three years writing on this site, I have prided myself on being at best balanced in my post-game appraisals. Some have said that I skew a bit on the overly critical after big wins, a claim I can’t even deny. It’s always been important to me to retain an even keel, and look for the clouds when I get the overwhelming silver lining of a big win.

This will not be one of those blogs.

Full disclosure: Steve Spurrier ruined my football fanhood through most, if not all of my childhood. In 1995, the stadium in Jacksonville was undergoing renovations, so the annual battle took place Between the Hedges. And Steve Spurrier and those damn Gators hung 52 on the Dawgs, and Spurrier gloated that he wanted to do it because no one had “ever done it before.”

So yeah, I enjoyed every second of this game. I even loved watching it over Andrew’s shoulder on the bus back to New Orleans from Baton Rouge Saturday. I loved it so much, upon returning to the rental house late night, I debated staying up and watching the replay, even though I had a 6 hour drive back to Atlanta in three hours.

Let’s have some fun.

The Good:

– Hope you brought a lunch, because we’re gonna be here for a while. Insert your favorite Nick Chubb-ism here. I know there has been some talk about how good he is vs. Fournette, and this may be my homer heart talking, but give me Nick every day of the week and twice on Sunday. On the cusp of tying Herschel’s consecutive 100 yard rushing game record, he’s unencombered by any potential pressure and just does his thing.  Oh, and he’s going to break it against Bama at night Between the Hedges. That’s not a prediction; it’s a spoiler.

– Sony Michel’s output is why box scores are less important than the eyeball test. This guy is pure electricity with the ball in his hands, and at any other school he’d be THE MAN. Right now, I’ve seen him called a sidekick, a Robin to Chubb’s Batman. That’s unfair, if only because Chubb clearly has powers and abilities beyond those of mortal men, making Sony the Batman to Chubb’s Superman. We are living in the resurgence of running back U in Athens, and I couldn’t be happier.

– Greyson Lambert played the greatest game of quarterback in the history of NCAA football, and that’s the numbers talking. Add in the pressure of the whispers regarding the passing attack and this statement wasn’t just for the transfer signal caller, but for the offense as a whole. From a first year coordinator, to a heretofore uninspiring offensive line performance, to a much questioned receiving corps, the passing offense needed a win like this, whistle to whistle of pure domination. And boy did they deliver.

– DEFENSE GON DEFENSE. Everybody on Pruitt’s unit continues to look like the final evolution of what the defense should be, and it can’t be appreciated enough how quick the turnaround from Grantham to this current defensive iteration has been. Watching the Auburn/LSU game live on Saturday was a test case in a talented coordinator coming to a situation and trying to turn it all around at once and just how hard that can be. But, Pruitt has done it. Running quarterbacks notwithstanding, another great performance.

– Special teams was not the reason I drank on Saturday. One massive mistake to end the first half, but they get the “publicly executed Spurrier on our field” pass this week.

The Bad:


The Ugly:

– Get out of my face with this nonsense.

The only shortcoming for this game to me was that Spurrier didn’t take the opportunity to retire at the 50 yard line in the post game scrum. He’s been a very good coach for a middling program and brought them to highs unimaginable prior to his tenure. Gamecock fans, enjoy all the good things he brought to your program, but the sun has set. It’s a wrap. And I couldn’t be prouder of watching Georgia be the ones who put final nail in the coffin of his South Carolina tenure.

Here’s a weekend so good, I wrapped up a bachelor party in New Orleans, drove back to Atlanta and rewatched the game Sunday. Do I feel great? No. Do I regret a single thing? Absoultely not.

Go Dawgs.

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