NFL Football: Chad Kelly Swag + Week 2 Picks

This is going to be short and sweet, as I have one of my old teammates bachelor parties this weekend in New Orleans. As you heard on the not-yet-award winning DudeYouPodcast this morning, I was made aware of a Chad Kelly rap song on the internet. I refuse to listen to it, and I will not be linking it here, but I DID want to back up my Ole Miss over Bama pick with visual evidence.

As always, home teams in bold.

Chiefs (-3) over Broncos

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Daniel vs. Thursday Night Mush: 0-1-1

Panthers (-3) over Texans

Hard Knocks ruins football teams.

Niners (+6) over Steelers

Try believing in something.

Saints (-10) over Buccaneers

New Orleans is down. Tampa is downer.

Lions (+2.5) over Vikings

Teddy Bridgewater is finally proving me right.

Bears (+2) over Cardinals

Lack of a running game means asking Carson to do alot.

Bills (EVEN) over Patriots

Rex Ryan chirping at the Pats? Must be football season.

Chargers (+3) over Bengals

I’m excited to watch none of this game.

Browns (+1) over Titans

This should further illustrate how bad the Bucs are.

Falcons (+2.5) over Giants

Couldn’t stop Dez. Can’t stop Julio.

Rams (-3) over Washington Professional Football Team

Remember when the fans wanted Kirk Cousins? That’ll pass.

Dolphins (-6) over Jaguars

*Makes fart noises*

Ravens (-6.5) over Raiders

My fantasy strategy of starting whatever defense is playing Oakland is back on this year.

Eagles (-5) over Cowboys

Dez being out sets up Dallas barely missing the playoffs perfectly.

Packers (-3.5) over Seahawks

Bet against Rodgers at night if you hate money.

Colts (-7) over Jets

Time for Indy to right the ship.

That’s it for this week, I promise to bring more snark next week. If you happen to see a bunch of washed up Ivy League athletes making a fool of themselves in New Orleans Friday or at LSU/Auburn Saturday, I’d like to apologize in advance.

Last Week: 8-7-1

This Week: 0-1

Season: 8-7-1

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