Quality Football in Every Time Slot! The DYC Viewing Guide, Week 3

A little late to the party this week, because the task of aggregating all the good football coming your way was just so overwhelming (and 3/4 of the core of the website is meeting in Athens this weekend).

Let’s get it!

Thirsty Thursday

#11 Clemson at Louisville, 7:30, ESPN: I wouldn’t want to be in Clemson’s shoes here. Facing a pissed-off 0-2 Louisville team in the always-dangerous Thursday night slot (and not the ACC’s normal ‘noon everything?’) tough sledding for DeShaun and the Tigers. Definitely worth a watch as one of the 3 or 4 worthwhile ACC games this year.

Yo, Seriously, the ACC Could Have Two Backbreaking Losses Before Saturday

#9 Florida State at Boston College, 8, ESPN has potential for the same reasons as Clemson/UL…except BC plays Florida State exceptionally well, for some reason. The Eagles are going to lean on their running game to tire out FSU’s D, and watch Everett Golson make mistakes. I may actually call for the upset here.

Bloody Mary and Tailgate Fodder

A big, amorphous clump of uneven games featuring ranked teams at home. Take your pick.

  • Air Force at #4 Michigan State, ABC, noon
  • Nevada at #17 Texas A&M, SECN, noon
  • Connecticut at #22 Missouri, ESPN2, noon
  • Tulsa at #16 Oklahoma, FS1, noon

Or, if you’re inclined to join in my masochism, and like evenly-matched interconference matchups, and you want to see the only team to lose to South Carolina this season, Illinois at North Carolina on ESPN2 is the pick.

family guy animated GIF

6pm Kickoffs: Where You Miss Compelling Endings

Keeping it SEC, you have to see if #18 Auburn can bounce back in Death Valley at #13 LSU (3:30, CBS). This just has the feel of one of those “hey, maybe Auburn just had two bad weeks, but survived” games. God, I hate Auburn.

Speaking of teams I hate, two good ones are squaring off in South Bend on NBC, as #14 Georgia Tech visits #8 Notre Dame. I’m not as down on Notre Dame without Malik Zaire as most people, but…they always struggle with Navy’s high school offense. What’re they gonna do with a more talented one?

Otherwise, Nebraska at Miami on ABC is fun because…

Butch to Miami

Night Games, or What to Catch After Georgia 

This one has an easy solution. Thank you, scheduling gods for making #15 Ole Miss at #2 Alabama (ESPN, 9:15) accessible.

But there’s more entertainment. Kentucky hosts Florida (7:30, SECN) as it continues its path of SEC East destruction. Cal at Texas (7:30, FS1) is pure schadenfreude-against-Texas-again fodder. As for a little Left Coast action? Stanford at #8 USC (8, ABC) in recent history is…just great fun. Less so without the Jim Harbaugh vs. Pete Carroll dynamic, but still…



**Obligatory Vanderbilt’s campaign for 0-12 update: 4pm, Austin Peay, SEC Network Alternate, which Comcast X1 users actually do get.**

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