Georgia Football: The Dawgs are Favored by 15.5 Against South Carolina and That’s Too Damn Low

Forget what you think you know about the Georgia vs. South Carolina rivalry and allow me to brainwash you and in doing so reprogram my own memory.

Georgia has a lot of rivals. Too many perhaps. Georgia and Florida have a rivalry. Georgia and Tennessee have a rivalry. Georgia and Georgia Tech have a rivalry (Dpalm Edit: NO THEY DON’T!). Georgia and Clemson used to have a rivalry. Georgia and Auburn have the Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry.

Georgia and South Carolina do not have a rivalry.

Why do I say that?

Because with so many rivalries already in existence, there’s not enough emotional margin to devote energy to another team—especially not one that Georgia has lost to just 20.7% of the time. Georgia doesn’t take up new rivalries with teams who haven’t won a conference title since the 1960’s.

If you’re a new Georgia fan you’re surely confused. If you’re a South Carolina fan, you’re surely pissed. If you’re reading this, you likely think I’m crazy.

After all, South Carolina has won four of the past five meetings. Spurrier has dominated Georgia in this matchup.

The first satement, that’s true. The second statement, it’s false. Spurrier is 5-5 against Georgia as the head coach of the Gamecocks. If .500 is dominance, then how do we define the period prior to 2010 when Georgia went 46-14-12 vs. South Carolina? I can think of a lot of terms, but “rivalry” wouldn’t be one of them.

So wipe away the bad mojo you associate with this game and remember that though this may not be your daddy’s South Carolina program, it’s also not Marcus Lattimore, Jadeveon Clowney, Connor Shaw or Mike Davis’s South Carolina program any more. That is to say, Georgia should expect a win in this game this year. And every year.

Because this is not a rivalry.

If you still think it is, then the 15.5 points that Georgia is favored by likely blows your mind. South Carolina, after all, is a great team. The Gamecocks always give Georgia trouble.

But that great team trailed Kentucky by 17 points at halftime of a home game and gave the Wildcats their first road win in more than five years. That great team lost its starting quarterback in the process and will travel to Athens with a man under center who has attempted 25 career passes—20 came on Saturday.

So about that 15.5 point line. It looks attainable even after Georgia’s sloppy win at Vanderbilt.

South Carolina just lost by four points to Kentucky. Toss in an arbitrary home-field advantage for the Bulldogs and four points turns into eight (or more). And I have to believe that Georgia is more than a touchdown better than Kentucky. So 15.5 doesn’t seem so crazy for a home game against a team that, based on an admittedly small sample size, may be a bottom-three team in the SEC East. Hell, unless Kentucky has taken bigger strides than I’m prepared to admit, South Carolina may be in a fight with Vanderbilt for the bottom of the division. And as a reminder: Georgia won on the road by 17 points against Vanderbilt.

So turn the page, Bulldog fans. I’m sure the game will be closer than anyone wants it to be. But this is South Carolina. Georgia beats South Carolina.

That’s all I got/


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  1. Hey, I’m not as sure about this game as you are. Until we are settled and secure in the QB position we have no business in laying 151/2pts to a Spurrier coached team. We’ve always had problems with the Cocks even with great QB’s. Dawgs better be dialed in for this one or we’ll be done in by the “evil genius”.

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