Georgia Football: SEC Stock Report, Week 2

Another week of evidence in the books, and another week of performances ranging from the expected slugfest (LSU/Mississippi State) to the hysterical (Auburn/Jacksonville State).

Since fellow DYC’er and podmaster Daniel Palmer said he liked the stock report format, I’ll try to keep it going for another week. If I could actually invest in SEC stock, I’d buy low on Auburn right now, because MARKET INEFFICIENCIES, KIDS. This is how I see teams projecting versus expectations after week numero dos:


Ole Miss, Kentucky, Texas A&M, Missouri?

Kentucky has a chance to make some actual NOISE, kids. With their road win at South Carolina in hand, they can concentrate on beating Florida this Saturday and exorcising 28 years of demons (including a triple-OT loss in the Swamp last year). Are they a threat to win the East? No. But a bowl game is squarely in their crosshairs now. Their next three (Florida, Missouri, Eastern Kentucky) are there for the taking, then they get a bye before hosting Auburn.

You have to give credit where credit’s due with Ole Miss, as they put up 70+ for the second straight week in a 73-21 drubbing of Fresno State. I am, of course, within my rights to flip on this if they get spanked at Alabama this week, But even so a 6-1 start is likely.

A&M also took care of business in anonymous fashion, hanging 56 on Ball State on Saturday. This is a residual ‘buy’ from week 1 still. They get Nevada, Arkansas in Dallas, and Mississippi State at home before the schedule really heats up.

Mizzou is the confusing pick here. They needed all 60 minutes to win at Arkansas State. But…this is what Missouri has done for the past two years. I’m not putting anything past them without good reason to do so. Their season starts in two weeks, as they play five straight games against the East. A home date with UConn this week will be no problem.


Georgia, Alabama, LSU, Tennessee, Florida

Georgia vs. Spurrier. Not counting anything until the scoreboard shows 0:00. Anything more than 14 South Carolina points this week, and the defense didn’t do its job.

LSU gets a chance to get some big ones out of the way early, as they get a wounded Auburn team in Death Valley for the home opener this week. Winning the season debut at Mississippi State, even close, carries some weight here.

Bama and Florida (especially Florida) scored pedestrian wins against Group of Five competition, and while you’re saying, “but Florida only beat ECU by seven!” I’m saying…let’s wait and see.


Tennessee did nothing to dispel the notion that they’re a solid #2 in the East this year in its home loss to Oklahoma, and after a snoozer this week they go to Florida, then host Arkansas and Georgia. Hopefully we can go ‘sell’ at the end of that stretch.


Mississippi State, Vanderbilt, South Carolina, Auburn, Arkansas

The other Bulldogs had a chance to secure a big home win vs. LSU, and losing home games in the SEC West is a deathtrap. They travel to Auburn and A&M in the next two weeks, so an 0-3 start in-conference is plausible, if not likely.

Auburn? Like I said, I would buy on them to finish #18 or greater in the final polls. But Jeremy Johnson cannot read a defense, the offense isn’t nearly explosive as its last two iterations, and the defense sans Carl Lawson is still pedestrian, at best. I’d rather chuck some dirt on them while I can.

Arkansas and South Carolina both provided laughable performances at home. Arkansas, under its new OC, threw the ball 50 times in a middle finger to the gods of the running game. And scored 12 points against Toledo in the process. South Cack lost its most experienced QB and got gashed by Kentucky.

Vanderbilt should’ve been relegated to the Sun Belt after its loss to Western Kentucky, but hey! We’ll pretend their defense has improved to make us feel better about Georgia’s passing game.

The League Ranked, in Tiers


  1. Alabama
  2. Georgia
  3. Ole Miss
  4. Texas A&M
  5. LSU


  1. Missouri
  2. Tennessee
  3. Auburn

Good for One Annoying Upset:

  1. Mississippi State
  2. Florida
  3. Arkansas
  4. Kentucky

Please Don’t Beat Us This Week:

  1. South Carolina

Average FCS Teams:

  1. Vanderbilt

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