Georgia Football: Let’s Create a Quarterback Controversy.

Since his transfer was announced in June, I have been in the silent, but grumbling majority that questioned whether or not Greyson Lambert was equipped to handle the quarterback position on a team that should compete for a national championship. Recall, I watched more Lambert than I care to admit in his time at UVA.

While grading on a curve for an uber-conservative offense against opponents where the job description is simply, “don’t shit the bed”, I am even further from being convinced, two weeks in, that Lambert should be the guy.

And I’m not the only one that sees it. From Bill Connolly at SBNation:

That Virginia transfer Greyson Lambert won the starting quarterback job didn’t fill me with confidence since he was a bit error-prone in Charlottesville. He was fine against ULM, but this was his first real test. He went 11-for-21 for 116 yards and a sack. Average yards per attempt: a meager 5.0.

Granted, Nick Chubb and Sony Michel combined to rush 31 times for 245 yards and catch four passes for 43 yards. When you’ve got that running game in your back pocket, you don’t need much from the passing game. But you probably need better than 5 yards per attempt. This wasn’t a failed test, but it wasn’t really a pass, either.

And Spencer Hall, on when it’s appropriate to panic:

Alabama still hasn’t totally decided on a quarterback. Neither has UGA, and what it’s showed doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence in the Bulldogs being anything but a thump-and-punt team. (Which might be good enough to win the SEC East, if that means anything.)

It is wonderful to have Chubb and Michel, the latter of whom I hold would be considered a top-1o running back in the country if he played literally ANYWHERE ELSE (conservative O + Nick Chubb = inadequate touches to earn that distinction, but I digress). But if you’re going to be one-dimensional on offense, that dimension being between the tackles with the front sevens of Alabama, Tennessee, Missouri, and Florida on the schedule will become an issue at some point.

Taking Lambert’s season as a whole thus far, 19/33 for 257 yards and 2 TD looks like one pretty decent game. At 7.8 yards per attempt, he’s running with what any objective observer would call a ‘competent’ efficiency. As a matter of fact, it’s the exact same YPA Aaron Murray had in his 10-2 sophomore campaign. But with teams loading the box and DARING the Dawgs to throw the ball, 57.7% completions (on, from what I can come up with, two passes 15+ yards down field thus far) is pedestrian, at best.

One of those two passes 15+ yards downfield was the sure interception dropped by the Vanderbilt safety on Saturday, because…you know, Vanderbilt. (For levity’s sake, the other was the check to Malcolm Mitchell in the opener, one which induced a Daniel Palmer orgasm on last Tuesday’s podcast. It was a brilliant play, but a throw any competent QB should be able to make against single coverage.)

So, Mr. Offensive Guruwhat are you suggesting as a solution? 

Glad you asked.

We have two more (knock on wood) easily winnable games before Alabama comes to town on October 3rd. Give my man Brice Ramsey a chance, in extended work, to see what he can do. The beef with him coming out of camp was that he made some risky throws. Well?

  • So does Lambert, as evidenced by a duck right into a Cover 2 safety’s lap.
  • He has the arm strength to, you know, take the top off of defenses.

I’m not saying start him in Athens on Saturday night and create a full-blown “when you have two quarterbacks, you have none” situation, I’m saying let the man give it a go while there’s still time to save a season that will otherwise be derailed by a one-dimensional offense.

The eye test is a powerful thing. Is Ramsey prone to mistakes? Probably. Has he made some great plays in his limited action? Absolutely. The touch on the 3rd & 9 screen in the 2nd quarter of the opener, in the face of heavy pressure, was the best throw of the season. He has the strength to thread the needle outside the hashes between corner and safety, as he did on one throw on Saturday. And he has shown the moxie to be able to recover from mistakes and go into ‘next play’ mode.

In an apocalypse scenario, the floor is higher for Lambert. I can see that. But the ceiling? It is much, much higher for Ramsey. Georgia the pieces in place to have an unforgettable season– stellar defense with at least four All-SEC first teamers, a Heisman contender at RB behind a veteran OL, hell, even great special teams (on paper). I would hate to see that potential go out the window like so many previous seasons turned to farts in the wind because of one major shortcoming.

Scared money don’t make money, as a wise man once said.

Scared money sticks with Greyson Lambert.

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  1. Gamecocks aren’t exactly set at QB either. And fortunately they don’t have the rushing offense we have and don’t appear to have as good a defense. We also have home field advantage ….But, they have the coach who seems to always get his team sky high and always ready for the Dawgs. No way I can see laying 151/2 against the “evil genius”. We better be ready for a tough game.

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