Week 2 in Review: What Happened Nationally?

The SEC has not won a national championship since I started writing for DudeYouCrazy.net, a trend I find more ominous for Georgia’s chances than an anemic passing attack and once-again-ugly special teams.

What did we learn in college football’s second week from the other conferences, and who should you expect to win them thus far? Glad you asked.


I feel like we’re teetering on the brink of a full-blown #lolACC week, as the two best-looking teams (Georgia Tech and Clemson) both face stout road tests this week (Notre Dame and Louisville on a Thursday, respectively).

Assumed/foregone champ Florida State had a passing attack rivaling Georgia’s this week, as Everett Golson looked completely lost in a lackluster 34-14 home win over South Florida. Dalvin Cook may need to creep into the Heisman discussion, as he literally carried the Noles to the win.

Tech and Clemson both held serve, but ‘darkhorse’ Louisville fell to 0-2 with a home loss to Houston. The pleasant surprise of the week? Virginia, who outplayed Notre Dame, injured their quarterback, and came within a last-minute bomb of springing the huge upset.

Presumed winner, as of today: Got to give it to Clemson based on the young defense playing respectably, and DeShaun Watson being worlds better than Everett Golson.


Oh. My. God. We have our first ridiculous ‘B1G greater than all‘ hot-takey-thinkpiece of the season, courtesy of ESPN. That didn’t take long. Yeah, Michigan State held on thanks to a missed wide open receiver by Oregon’s Vernon Adams, and yeah, Ohio State is Ohio State, but then…what else ya got?

Penn State needed all four quarters to put Buffalo away at home. Maryland and Rutgers lost to Bowling Green and Washington State (fresh off a loss to Portland State). Iowa, to their credit, won “El Assico“. This conference is still two good teams and 12 scorching pieces of trash.

Presumed winner, as of today: Ohio State. Although Michigan State is definitely looking like a good bet for 11-1 and a playoff trip as it stands today.


All fairly good news for the ‘One True Champion’ league. Oklahoma secured a HUGE comeback win in Knoxville, beating Tennessee 31-24 in OT. TCU righted the ship with 70 points over Stephen A. Austin. West Virginia held serve for a second straight week and is starting to hit my darkhorse radar.

What’s not to like? Baylor, for the second week in a row, struggled with garbage competition, giving up 31 in a 35 point win vs. Lamar. Kansas is OH GOD. And Texas, even in a win vs. Rice, was outgained at an almost 2-to-1 clip in a 14-point home win. They really may struggle to win 5 games this year.

Presumed winner, as of today: Too close to call, with Oklahoma creeping towards Baylor/TCU territory.


After a rough first week to the season that saw Arizona State and Stanford fall from the top 25 with bad losses, week 2 was not much better. Oregon had the national stage loss, ASU was tied with Cal Poly going into the 4th quarter, and…well, nothing else of much substance.

USC and UCLA both secured impressive blowout wins against inferior (but FBS!) competition, and have to be considered the class of the division as good as the SEC West Pac-12 South. Oregon, even in a losing effort, is still so damn fast and talented. Utah, Cal, and Arizona all held serve against…okay competition.

Presumed winner, as of today: I haven’t gotten to see USC play yet, but from the looks of it their D is eating people and Cody Kessler as a preseason Heisman candidate looks like a good call from where I sit.


BYU won on a Hail Mary. Think I’m a week late in posting this? Nope, they did it again. This time against Boise State. Damn lucky Mormons.

In the American, Houston and Memphis both secured power-5 road wins. ECU looked competent against Florida. And Temple took its Penn State momentum on the road and beat presumed favorite Cincinnati.

Nothing else of consequence happened in the Group of Five, and if it did, well…you must already know about it.

SEC stock report coming tomorrow, because that’s all y’all care about anyway.

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