Georgia Finds Unlikely Hero and a Fairy-Tale Ending with Quarterback Greyson Lambert

There wasn’t a a magic pumpkin, a kissed frog or any hocus pocus, but the Georgia Bulldogs found their fairy-tale ending in Nashville and it just so happened to come in the steady hands of an unexpected Prince Charming.

With a young defense relying heavily on nine true freshmen late in the game, special teamers who seemed confounded by field goals and kick returns and highly-touted quarterback Brice Ramsey completing just 50-percent of his first-half passes, Georgia seemed destined for another nightmare loss to a contender from the nation’s best football conference.

Enter Greyson Lambert, an unheralded, relatively unknown transfer from lowly Virginia.

All he did was carry the entire offense by completing 11 of the Bulldogs’ final fourteen pass attempts while securing a road victory in SEC play.

Actually, that’s not all he did.

His carrying of the team extended to the running game, too – because what can’t this guy do?

With former Heisman candidate Nick Chubb still painstakingly enduring a sophomore slump that has kept him out of the end zone for nearly six and a half quarters, it was Lambert who showed patience, vision and an ability to put points on the board with his legs. In doing so, he made the once-vaunted Bulldog ground attack relevant again.

But Greyson’s explosive run wasn’t just an opportunity to show his athleticism. Further, it wasn’t just an opportunity to ensure that he accounted for 100% of the points scored by the Georgia offense in the second half. His fleet feet secured a momentous accomplishment in this young season.

The unlikely Georgia hero’s dual-threat mastery gave the Bulldogs the largest margin of victory for a visiting team in SEC play since November 8, 2014.

For 308 days the SEC looked for a road warrior of Greyson Lambert’s caliber. Georgia found him.

Something tells me this fairy tale is just beginning…


That’s all I got/


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  1. After watching the game Saturday I think we need a QB, the Dawgs had Lady Luck on their side. Now if the Dawgs can’t pass the ball, then Saturday night will be ugly, because Souf Scaralacky may have found a QB, I’m just sayin’. “GO DAWGS”

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