Georgia Football: 10 Things You Should Love About the Bulldogs’ Passing Attack 

  1. Wide receiver Malcolm Mitchell wrote a children’s book. 
  2. Wide receiver Isaiah McKenzie is a good punt returner.
  3. Wide receiver Malcolm Mitchell is in a book club.
  4. Georgia doesn’t pass that often. 
  5. Air Bud was based on a golden retriever who excelled as a wide receiver. So it stands to reason that Bulldogs could play wide receiver with a modicum of success as well if certain circumstances so aligned. 
  6. Nick Chubb hasn’t been physically hurt on a passing play. Yet. 
  7. If Greyson Lambert passes it means he’s no longer scrambling like Bambi on ice. 
  8. Brice Ramsey might be the best QB. Or it might be Faton Bauta. But it can’t possible be Greyson Lambert, can it? Oh it can? Well OK. Still, somehow the suspense is worth not knowing! 
  9. The name Schottenheimer lends itself nicely to “Schott-gun” formation puns. 
  10. The more Georgia passes, the sooner we get to see Georgia’s defense. 

In all seriousness, I’m not like up in the middle of the night typing this because I’m panicking or anything. 


Wait. Yes, I am.

It’s probably too early to panic. But that was an abysmal performance by the passing attack. The Vandy defense is/was better than anyone wants to give it credit for but Lamb Chop couldn’t get hot on a grill. 


That’s all I got/


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  1. Dude, I like your sheets! Man, if Georgia doesn’t beat the spread next week….I am gonna hang it up on my pools. 🏈🎈

  2. Were dead man. How did Lambert get this far when he can’t pass?????

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