Georgia Football Knee Jerk Reactions: ULM Edition

Week 1 of 2015 is in the books. I’ve re-watched a fun, if underwhelming UGA mollywopping more times that I should have, and this is when things get real. All the previews, all the prognostications, all the preseason rankings, none of it matters now, since we have real live football to talk about now. No more questions if Harbaugh could make magic in Ann Arbor (not yet), if the Pac-12 is on top of the world this year (NOPE), or if new UGA starter Greyson Lambert would stand and deliver in his first start between the hedges (more on that in a second).

Saturday was fun. The passing game looked competent with hints of a tremendous upside. Nick Chubb went all Nick Chubb a couple of times. The defense looked dominant and opportunistic. Hell, even special teams didn’t make me break anything on Saturday. So let’s celebrate this win for what it was, and get ready to head to Nashville next weekend.

The Good:

– So, writing for this site the last two years, it’s been customary for me to open praising one Mr. Todderick Gurley in this space, so it’s a little weird to type Nick Chubb here in week one. Wait, what? I can just copy and paste the gushing Gurley missives, and plug in Chubb’s name, and that should do it? Well alright. 16 carries for 120 yards and two touchdowns is exactly what you want to see against a tomato can properly compensated, if over matched opponent.

– But, let’s not stop the praise with the obvious Heisman candidate: the entire running game looked good, with the rest of the corps chipping in with 131 yards on 19 carries. It’s especially nice to see DYC favorite Keith Marshall chipping in with over 7 yards per carry, and more importantly, no injury notes next to his name.

– The rest of the offense looked good, particularly the sense of balance that was on display during Brian Schottenheimer’s first game as OC. The passing attack was solid in the limited action, with a good use of multiple tight ends, and a willingness to take a shot and test one on one coverage downfield. Lambert looked solid in his first outing, but the coming weeks will be a better barometer for future success from the new starter.

– Defensively, this is what we wanted to see; a dominant, downhill attack that will frustrate and contain opposing quarterbacks all season. The short game worked for ULM, but keeping quarterbacks on their heels and out of rhythm is a good recipe for success going forward.

– Also, tip of cap to the dominant work against the running game, holding ULM to 2 yards a carry all day. Sure, the Warhawks were down early, and were forced to throw a lot, but UGA’s ability to stay disciplined against the run in that environment is a sign of growth from last year.

The Bad:

– I need the left side of the offensive line to get better and I mean NOW. Early pressures led to the first three and out, and I was fuming. Couple this with missed blocks stymieing early Chubb runs, it’s important to shore this up immediately.

– Gotta figure out this defensive front; the backers are out of this world, and the defensive backfield looked to be in great shape, carried over from last season, but now I’m constantly worrying about the depth and potential up front. I don’t need these problems in my life in Week 1.

The Ugly:

Great win, great feeling, great start to the season. Remember, half the fan bases in the country feel way worse than we do this week, and we all know how fast the worm can turn. We got a blow out at home, and it didn’t even take 60 minutes of game time. Enjoy everything you saw Saturday, and when someone tries to tell you that wins over these small schools don’t matter, remind them that losing against these small schools sure as hell matters.

Just ask Wazzu.

Go Dawgs.

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  1. Great analysis of the Dawg win
    I love having Leonard Floyd on the attack, and having the depth of Lorenzo Carter backing him up!

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