VIEWING GUIDE BACK, Y’ALL! The DYC CFB Viewing Guide, Week 1

Sweet Hosanna! Here’s hoping those with significant others have accomplished all of their husbandly/boyfriendly duties in preparation for this weekend, because it’s time for some college football!

The proliferation of neutral-site games has really gone a long way towards making Week 1 extremely watchable. Though the schedules normally hit a little bit of a lull the following weeks before conference play, we get a chance to establish new stars (Kenny Hill, anyone? …Oh. Oops.) and strong units (Ole Miss’ D) against solid competition before the FCS exhibitions and Vanderbilts of the world.


North Carolina vs. South Carolina, 6pm, ESPN: For the second time in three years, my alma mater opens with my least favorite SEC team, albeit this time in Charlotte and against a Cock team not expected to contend for the SEC title. Logical to assume that my nerves and energy are shot by about noon on the 3rd. It’s the first game of the season. Enough said.

#2 TCU at Minnesota, 9pm, ESPN: I’m not as high on TCU as most, but Gary Patterson’s defenses have always been a joy to watch. And that Trevone Boykin guy is pretty good. Turns out, Minnesota isn’t TERRIBLE, either. Let’s see how the Horned Frogs do after last year’s CFP snub and with the targets on their back.

See also: Alcorn State at #16 Georgia Tech is in Atlanta at 7:30 on ESPN3 for those interested. Most notably, friend of the podcast Patrick Dron. Also, Michigan at Utah on FS1 at 8:30, where we should all cheer for the Utes in order to avoid the “IS JIM HARBAUGH BETTER THAN JESUS” talks on the Worldwide Leader this week.


A couple of “I didn’t read the iTunes terms and conditions” games here.

#5 Michigan State at Western Michigan, 7, ESPNU: I love the hype around some B1G QB’s, notably Sparty’s Connor Cook and Penn State’s Christian Hackenberg. A lot of “they have the tools to be top-10 picks” without the production to show for it.

#4 Baylor at SMU, 7, ESPN: Speaking of QB’s, Baylor’s Seth Russell can probably get a free trip to New York by being an average one this year at Baylor. Oh, and SMU is playing its first game under former Clemson OC Chad Morris. Queue the fireworks.

Washington at #23 Boise State, 9:45, ESPN: Another power-5 team on the road, but this one should lose. A lot of interesting things happening here– Chris Petersen’s return to Boise, the Pac-12’s return to Boise, where weird things happen.


The Dawgs are on the SEC Network vs. ULM at noon. Set your DVRs accordingly. Other games of interest for the noon slate:


The main dish is Louisville vs. #6 Auburn from Atlanta at 3:30 on CBS (Welcome back, Verne and Gary!). Storylines include: Bobby Petrino’s return to the Georgia Dome, JHC and Shaq “I need someone to let me be myself” Wiggins’ debuts for UL, Tray Matthews’ debut for Auburn…hell, let’s just call this the “Georgia Dismissal Bowl”.

For breaks in the action, I’m going to keep an eye on Virginia at #13 UCLA (3:30, FOX), because UVA’s D is sneaky good and going against a true freshman quarterback. UCLA, as a top-1o team last year, won at Virginia by eight. Additionally, we have Nice-Guy-Mike-Riley-Replacing-Jerk-Bo-Pelini’s debut at Nebraska, as BYU at Nebraska is on ABC at 3:30.

Both #25 Tennessee and #24 Mizzou open their runs at the SEC East at 4, both on the SEC Network, both in easy wins.

Evening, where there are three imminently watchable games:

Herein lies the strength of week 1.

#15 Arizona State vs. Texas A&M, 7, ESPN, from Houston: Probably the game where I have no dogs in the fight that I’m most excited to see. A&M can solidify itself as either a darkhorse or a week 1 overachiever, and ASU is my pick to win the Pac-12 South.

Texas at #11 Notre Dame, 7:30, NBC: Chances are, you DESPISE one (or both) of these teams. Schadenfruede accordingly.

#20 Wisconsin vs. #3 Alabama, from Dallas: This…could be problematic for a confusing Wisconsin team. However, a win means they’re 2-0 in 2015. Their wins? Auburn and Alabama. I so badly want to tweet something with the hashtag #WisconsinownsthestateofAlabama. Go Badgers. Go cheese.

Go football.


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