Georgia Fans Are Stupid and Other Things We Learned from Greyson Lambert Getting the Starting Nod


As I said on the DudeYouPodcast last night, Lambert starting is neither good news nor bad news in and of itself. And Richt naming him a starter isn’t all that enlightening. But here’s what we know:

  1. At this moment Greyson Lambert has separated himself as the most viable option at quarterback. We learned that on Monday. If we’re reading a little bit into this then we can assume that Lambert was more consistent than Brice Ramsey (who looked downright mediocre at times last year) and Faton Bauta (whose calling card is versatility). If we’re reading a lot into this then the gap between Lambert and Ramsey (presumably QB2) might be wider than some might expect given Richt’s historical favoring of the more tenured Georgia QB to open the season (Greene over Shockley, JT3 over Stafford, Cox over Murray, Mason over Ramsey, etc.).
  2. The Georgia fans clamoring for more Brice Ramsey in 2014 were/are idiots. We know that now more than ever. Remember that after a 3-1 start to the 2014 season, a large number of faithful Georgia fans wanted Hutson Mason benched in favor of Brice Ramsey. The reason for this desired change remains a mystery to me, but apparently Ramsey’s 4 of 8 passing performance for 66 yards and a touchdown against Troy merited a change. Apparently, it did not. And apparently Ramsey was not only ill-prepared to take ownership of the starting spot in 2014 (as evidenced by Hutson Mason keeping his job), but he also was unable to fend off the rise of a transfer who struggled at Virginia. So once and for all we should be able to squash the contrived beef between Ramsey and Mason from last season. After all, if Ramsey (after one more year at Georgia) isn’t decidedly better than a QB who couldn’t keep his job at 5-7 Virginia, he definitely wasn’t better than the quarterback that led Georgia to 10 wins.
  3. Lastly, we now know that Lambert was brought in to contend for this job and that when surrounded by a high level of talent he emerged as a serviceable quarterback. This isn’t how anyone would have drawn it up, but it’s not entirely surprising either. Remember, Georgia fans wanted Ramsey last year because of the hype that surrounded him as a recruit. In the class of 2013, Ramsey was the 6th best Pro-Style QB (per 247Sports)  in the country and he held offers from all the big dogs (Georgia, Alabama, Clemson, Florida, Florida State, Ohio State, etc.). Lambert showed just as much potential as a recruit. In 2012, he was the 8th best Pro-Style QB in the nation (per 247Sports) and boasted offers from the likes of Georgia, Alabama, Clemson, South Carolina, Miami, Louisville, etc. The knock on Ramsey, at least in my mind, has been that after enrolling early, redshirting. playing a season and surviving a spring and summer (he’s been on campus for 32 months!) he still struggled with inconsistency and appeared inexperienced. Greyson Lambert, for better or worse, can’t claim the same level of inexperience given his 336 career collegiate pass attempts and 16 game appearances. I don’t think Lambert “lost potential” and I given his physical skills (huge frame, cannon for an arm), it’s hard to say his potential was miscast. That should excite Georgia fans because no matter who plays QB, Georgia’s offense should be prolific.


That’s all I got/


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  1. What stands out for me is how Brice Ramsey lost the job as much as anything. I am really worried about the maturity level of Brice and his leadership ability. He left last season as Georgia best option going into 2015. Starting to worry about the talent level leading our offense.

  2. Mam oh man we start a second stringer from Virginia!!!!!! Way to go CMR!

  3. Lambert has a live arm but I don’t think its what you would call a “canon”. But can we please stop making this some indictment of Ramsey? He lost out to a guy with MUCH more experience and as was pointed out here is equally talented, at least based on recruiting. Where is the crime in this?

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