NFL: Robert Griffin III Had A Bad Night. (GIFs)

Even though he says stupid things like, oh I don’t know, that he feels he’s the best quarterback in the NFL, you are a monster if you don’t feel at least somewhat bad for Washington QB Robert Griffin III.

He came to Washington in 2012 as the #2 overall pick, a pick for which the Redskins gave up three first-rounders and a second-rounder– some Ditka-level desperation, folks– and he did the unthinkable and led them to the playoffs!

As rich d-bag Dan Snyder should know, you gotta protect your investments. I don’t need to rehash Mike Shanahan running Griffin’s right leg into a bag of Pixy Stix in the 2012 playoffs, but last night was just something else.

(NOTE: this is a preseason game. And this is the beating your quarterback took).

That dude, 75, who got ridden like a middle school blocking sled into Griffin? #5 overall pick Brandon Scherff (don’t draft Iowa linemen).

And…the coup de grace (though not the hit that knocked Griffin out of the game):

Oh, and you wanna know the crazy thing? It could’ve been SO MUCH WORSE. The Detroit Lions are a team that let Ndamukong Suh and Nick Fairley walk in the offseason. Meaning, THEY DIDN’T TAKE PLACE IN THIS BLOODLETTING. So take what you see above, and add at least one of these:


Starting to see red? Me too.

Or in Suh’s case…

So, yeah. Now that I’ve inspired a little more Auburn-related hate (the original intent was not meant to be college football related at all), I’ll say it again: RGIII had a bad night.

Poor bastard.

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