Georgia Football: Daily Dose of Dawg, 8/19- UPDATED 10:51am

First and foremost, it’s #PodcastWeek at DudeYouCrazy. If you haven’t listened/subscribed/reviewed yet, you truly are missing out. BleacherReport’s lead College Football writer Michael Felder joined the program last night, and I am listening while working right now. Just great work by the crew. And yes, we’re going to get back into the top 100 on iTunes before the season starts.

Some good news on the recruiting front: after bringing in two stopgap ILB’s this year (Chuks Amaechi, Jake Ganus), the Dawgs have secured a commitment from the next great four-year ‘backer after my boy Tim Kimbrough explodes and moves on. Jaleel Laguin from the Dawgs’ backyard, Oconee County.

No additional news on Justin Scott-Wesley’s potential knee injury, but we are watching for updates. Hoping for the best for the hard-luck senior, as Georgia needs his veteran presence and explosiveness this year.

Kevin Butler seems to think he’ll be fine, for what it’s worth:

Of course, another offseason staple besides injuries and suspensions (we can’t have nice things) is talk of black jerseys. We definitely have the blackout in place.

Finally, we’re up to 7 people in the DudeYouCrazy College Pick’em! This will make more sense with possible sponsorship news in the works, but sign up and test your mettle against the DYC community. Weekly and annual prizes based on the previous sentence’s conclusion.

UPDATE: SBNation/FootballStudyHall’s Bill Connelly ranked college football 1-128 and just posted his list. You’re gonna like where Georgia lands. If you’re not familiar with Connelly’s work, he is the math and analytics guru of the college football world. Georgia’s performance should have landed the Dawgs #3 in the country last year.

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