Georgia Football: Blackout vs. Kentucky?


It’s sure starting to look that way.

My take? I’m tired of the black jersey rumors. Given a 2-1 (by my quick mental count) record donning them, it doesn’t do any more to inspire the players or predict success. In fact, the net effect has been more deleterious than good.

On the other hand? If we’re going to do it, it may as well be an added boost in a game we should win. Wouldn’t want the hangover effect from a win in the Cocktail Party the week before to derail a playoff run.



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  1. Whether you win or lose has absolutely NOTHING to do with what color shirts you’re wearing. I love the black jerseys and wish the admin wasn’t a bunch of butthurt p*ssies and bring them back for one game each year. My how funny this must be to the Alabama’ns that our entire program is terrified of the black jerseys because of one fluke half 7 years ago.

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