Daily Dose of Dawg, 8/11: National Title in 2016-17?

There’s no doubt you could find one of these filed away from every preseason over the past 15 or so years, but DawgSports.com’s Harrison Martin laid out seven reasons the Dawgs will win one of the next two national championships. They’re all fairly sound, except for the blind faith in Brian Schottenheimer and no mention of the inexplicable annual Georgia loss.

We can hope though, right? Would raise damn good sponsorship capital for the site. (Sponsorship proposals? Email chad@dudeyoucrazy.net.)


1. Because it goes viral every year, here’s the most recent “Georgia team dives at Ramsey Center” video, from yesterday: http://espn.go.com/blog/sec/post/_/id/104742/mark-richt-georgia-players-jump-off-the-diving-board-during-day-off. Like seriously, Twitter dot com yesterday was UP IN ARMS about this ritual, as if it doesn’t happen every year.

2. Mark Weiszer of the Athens Banner-Herald writes that it’s Tim Kimbrough’s turn at inside linebacker, try reading the article and not getting excited about his potential, or at least relieved that there seems to be a competent replacement for ‘Marlo/’Mik.

3. Kirk Herbstriet went on a rant yesterday about #SECBias on his network.

RedditCFB’s commenters went on to explain circular logic in a way that makes…well, a whole lot of sense.

I fear bears. Why do I fear bears? Because I subjectively think bears look scary. Why do I think bears look scary? Because I am afraid of them.

Gold, Jerry. Gold.

4. The Dawgs picked up a commitment from a 2017 Louisiana athlete who is notably friends with a 4-star corner who recently decommitted from Alabama (unless the article stating ‘recommitted from Alabama’ is somehow gramatically correct).

5. And finally, to continue the beating of the ‘Georgia underachieves’ dead horse…more evidence.

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