Dude’s Top 10: No. 9 – Dear Auburn Fan

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In 2014 the Auburn Tigers played got their tails whipped in Athens, Georgia. Apparently that didn’t make for a pleasant trip for a few Auburn fans. One of them took to the internet to voice frustration with a letter of complaint and (somewhat) anonymously bemoaned how awful everyone in Athens is/was. I responded with an open letter of my own:

Dear Auburn Fan,

Grow up.

I’m not even going to call into question the validity of your story (though I’m sure that some inconsistencies could be found), instead I’m just going to tell you to move on.

I would expect a Georgia Tech fan or someone along those lines to take to the nerdy corners of the internet and troll Reddit with tales of woe, but I would think an SEC fan would be better than that—or at the very least more accustomed to the behavior allegedly witnessed.

I can guaran-damn-tee your group was hassled in downtown Athens if those with you wore the visiting team’s colors.  You can defend the wearing of Navy and Orange as coincidental and argue that the apparel worn didn’t even feature Tiger/War Eagle/Plainsmen logos all you want.  But don’t be that ignorant.  Show up to Georgia/Auburn weekend wearing Blue and Orange and you’re an Auburn fan.  Show up to Georgia/Tennessee wearing orange and you are a Tennessee fan (or maybe a Home Depot employee).  Proceed to do so in downtown Athens, an alcohol-fueled beauty of a mess, and you’ll get hassled.  The home field advantage extends to the bars.  A few short weeks ago I shouted at Tennessee fans downtown telling them they were not allowed to assemble in public.  This happened.  I have no shame.  They didn’t take to the internet to complain.  Most of them laughed.  Some of them sang “Rocky Top” even louder.  All of them moved on.

Did you have drinks thrown on you?  That’s possible.  But in my experience most folks at college town bars are too busy drinking, dancing, making bad decisions and chasing seemingly attractive people of the opposite sex to waste a perfectly fine alcoholic beverage on someone without provocation.  I can’t recall seeing a time when a bar-goer was so drunk that he or she wasted precious, paid-for alcohol on an unsuspecting party.  That just doesn’t happen.  Not in happy places like Athens.


For more of my snarky response, click here. And for my response to the backlash to my snark response, click here.


That’s all I got/



For the rest of the Dude’s Top 10 Countdown, click here.


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