Georgia Football: New Mascot ‘Uga X’ to be Introduced This Season

Stop the presses, beloved mascot Russ is now the apparent victim of a mascot coup-de-tat.

Actually, Russ is retiring. And Marc Weizer of the Banner-Herald is reporting this morning that Russ’ replacement, Uga X, will be introduced later this season. Uga X will be the given-title of a two-year old bulldog named Que (pronounced like the letter Q) who, apparently, did very well during his audition at Sanford Stadium this week. At least, we think it will be Que. That hasn’t been confirmed by the Seilers yet. Still, here’s your first look:

Just what an audition to be the next Uga entails is a juicy set of details that everyone wants to know but that I’m assuming the Seiler family will never fully reveal. The only detail you can glean from Weizer’s story is that it involves not losing your damn mind when the Redcoats play songs near you.

However, we at DudeYouCrazy would like to suggest a mandatory “Bite Every Auburn Player Who Scores A Touchdown” test for all future Uga’s from this point forward. Also, I imagine learning to sit on Uga’s famed ‘nut ice’ is a necessary skill for the job that should be tested before Opening Day. Either way, it will be nice to have the Uga line return between the hedges and (hopefully) stay there for an extended period of time.

Ultimately, I think we all have to admit that Uga X will be great if for no other reason than the fact that ten is by far the most badass Roman numeral there is.



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