Recruiting: One of the Top Kickers in the Country just Rejected UGA…in the most BOSS WAY POSSIBLE.

This is the story of Quinn Nordin, a kicker who has changed the game forever.

Quinn Nordin is one of the top place kickers in the country and as of yesterday had yet to choose a place to take his talents. He had narrowed it down to UGA, Michigan, and Penn State — among others.

This morning he tweeted out a short video in which he made his decision. Spoiler alert: he picked Penn State (touché James Franklin). But, despite the disappointment, the way he chose Penn State makes up for any negative feeling you might have because it is absolutely incredible:

Ok, let’s talk about a few things:

1. If you’re going to do a ‘step out of a private jet cuz I got stacks on stacks’ your plane SHOULD NOT HAVE A PROPELLER. Only a kicker would make this mistake.

2. Have Chad Floyd and this young man ever been seen in the same room? Because I have my suspicions that our future real estate mogul wants to re-energize his kicking career….

3. You couldn’t find some sunglasses, Quinn? Everybody who gets out of private planes wears sunglasses. At least that’s what I’ve seen in those new fangled ‘hip-hop’ videos…

4. The real question: who paid for that plane and are they in any way affiliated with the State University of Pennsylvania? You know the NCAA will be coming for that paperwork.

Anyways, God bless this child and his boss-ass method of choosing a college. I hope this is only the awakening of the sleeping giant that is recruiting-decision-reveal-videos.



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