#SECMediaDays: Who’s Going, and Does it Matter?

Well, there’s one thing that certainly jumps out at me.

*scans South Carolina*
*sees Elliott Fry*
*tries to figure the defensive nomenclature in which a ‘PK’ is the designated DL/LB swingman*

Oh, South Carolina is bringing a kicker to SEC Media Days 2015.

Other things of note:

Georgia: Malcolm Mitchell gets the well-deserved nod, as he is hopefully finally healthy, and not being jerked back and forth between receiver and corner. Apparently his appearance also nets him a “Beyond the Field: Stories of the SEC” special, presumably on the SEC Network. If they’re doing 14 of these, they must be struggling for filler content (duh).

Tackle John Theus and defensive end Jordan Jenkins, two more essentially four-year starters, also get the call from Mark Richt. Something feels good about having guys with around 100 combined career starts anchoring important parts of the 2015 Georgia football team.

LSU: Les Miles is going all in on the Leonard Fournette for Heisman thing, apparently. Any media friends down there, please ask him his strategy running dives against 10 in the box this year.

The rest of the list reads like a ‘who’s who’ of upcoming SEC team previews.

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