SECual Healing, July 2: Georgia Historically Underachieves, Laremy Tunsil is World’s Most Noble Domestic Abuser

What’s good, SEC?

Does Georgia Historically Underachieve?

This will probably be a thinkpiece on this site at a later, less busy date, but it’ll be difficult to put something out there as well thought out and statistically-backed as Michael Bird did. Warning: highly toxic besmirching of the 1980 team very early in the article.

My #hottake: In recent history, probably. Injury-apocalypse 2013 aside, the Dawgs tend to have somewhat inexplicable losses that come back to bite them in years that are otherwise tailor-made for championship runs. Even last year, South Carolina absolutely should not have happened. Capitalizing on opportunities has not been Georgia’s M.O.

I promise to get back to this after pondering and research.

Laremy Tunsil, World’s Best Domestic Abuser

I’m sure you’ve heard of this by now: Ole Miss LT Laremy Tunsil’s mother is abused by stepfather (his, not hers). Laremy takes action into his own (massive) hands.

Hugh Freeze, to his credit, has publicly defended his player.

The court date is set for July 14th, and should be somewhat fascinating. Since the story came out, the stepfather has leaked that Tunsil was “with NFL agent types” at the time of the incident.

Tennessee is now a Nike School

And their uniforms got a much-needed facelift from the Adidas weird checkerboard abominations. Their alternates, though? Still kinda meh.

Florida Picks Up First QB of McIlwain Era

But he won’t help this year or next, as he is a 2017 guy. Florida only has two scholarship quarterbacks on the roster this year (for now).

Why do I say for now? Well, Braxton Miller may be available.

National Title Rematch in 2019

Auburn and Oregon played one of the more entertaining national championship games (I assume people who don’t hate Auburn found it entertaining, at least) back in 2010, and will get after it again at JerryWorld to open the 2019 season.


Happy Fourth, everyone!

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