Georgia Football: Vegas Releases Odds for Key Games of the 2015 Season (And They’re Not Terrible!)

Last Friday the Golden Nugget released their annual “Games of the Year” odds. As you might expect, several feature the Dawgs and, frankly, the odds paint an interesting picture (full list available here via ESPN). They cover every conference game on the schedule minus Vandy, Kentucky, and (wait for it) Auburn.

Here are the odds:

South Carolina at Georgia -11

Alabama at Georgia Pickem’

Georgia at Tennessee Pickem’

Mizzou at Georgia -8.5

Florida vs. Georgia -12

Georgia -1 at Georgia Tech

Some initial thoughts:

1. It’s really early. Like REALLLYY early. So don’t get too excited. Most of these will change. But still, you are reading this correctly in that Vegas basically has UGA at mostly even money to have a helluva season.

2. The Bama game as a pickem’ is the biggest surprise on this list. You could read that one of two ways: On the one hand, you could say that some Vegas oddsmakers don’t think UGA will have a problem at QB or at least that it won’t keep them from having a shot in games like the Bama game. On the other hand, you could read this as continuing mistrust of a Bama team that does seem to have lost a step (albeit just one single baby step) on the Saban monstrosities of yore. Either way, with Brice Ramsey about to play the biggest game of his life I’m really surprised Bama isn’t a -1 pick here.

3. Vegas is obviously really high on Tennessee as they should be. Tennessee could very easily live up to the hype and run away with the East this season. Going to Neyland the week after the Bama game sets the stage for a trap game to end all trap games. It might surprise you, however, to learn that the oddsmakers favor Alabama by 10 over Tennessee. Granted, the Vols do travel to Bama.

4. Second prize in the “best surprise” category probably goes to South Carolina line. The oddsmakers have UGA favored by 11 which I can only assume means they’ve never watched a UGA-South Carolina game in their entire lives. Either the ole ball coach has a real turd of a team on his hands or UGA is getting a lot of love when the line should probably be more economical.

5. Only favored by one at Tech because reasons.

6. Just in case you were wondering, UGA is 25/1 to win the National Championship and is +450 (within the top ten odds-wise ) to reach the College Football. Playoff

All in all, no one is saying “crown em” just yet. But you could say dumber things than “UGA might be a real dark horse for the playoff”



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