Georgia Football: Phil Steele Thinks Georgia Player is Morbidly Obese

It has long been established that Phil Steele is the best in the college football preview magazine business. Two chock-full pages on every team in the country, predictions, advanced statistics, predictive models…it’s glorious.

Well, with 352 pages of content and a limited amount of time for fact-checking, I guess even ole Phil can get one wrong every now and then.

Georgia longsnapper Trent Frix (who, interestingly enough also had a brother and father serve in the same role) is listed on at 6’0, 211.

***CONTEXT ALERT: I am well aware that he was once the starting longsnapper, but was replaced after the Vanderbilt game in 2013. We’re not doing this here.***

Steele’s magazine has him at a significantly higher weight.

trent frix

If he can still snap weighing 1209 lbs., sign me up for some #fatmanfootball.

The best compliment for a special teamer is that you don’t know his name. If Frix hits the field at over half a ton, I’m afraid he will be anonymous no more.


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