SECual Healing: Saban Defends Domestic Violence, MSU Does Something Cool

It’s been a slow couple of weeks for news by SEC standards since we last spoke. I mean hell, I wrote paraphrased a whole article about imaginary rivalries in the AAC this week. We have some honest-to-goodness news finally, and I’m going to take a hot-takey stance on at least a couple of them.


The big one came from our Georgia Bulldogs, as redshirt freshman QB Jacob Park is leaving for Greyson Lambert-less pastures.

Florida bolstered its STELLAR offense by adding a grad transfer from Fordham. At 6’8 I’m sure he’s very nimble on his feet. He was previously committed to Old Dominion, so either way he was finishing his career playing D-1 ball!

Baseball? Sure, Let’s Get It Out of the Way

The SEC definitely proved its might in baseball in last week’s Super Regionals and this week’s MLB Draft. (Remember, we still have the defending champs in at least one sport!)

LSU, Florida, Arkansas, and aforementioned-defending-champ Vanderbilt will be heading to Omaha for the College World Series, and seven SEC players were drafted in the first round. This includes each of the top two, and four of the top eight. Making that number even MORE impressive is the fact that high school players are eligible for the draft and made up half the picks.


And Now, the Heavier Stuff- the Good

Mississippi State is doing something that every high school in America should do– required financial literacy for its athletes. The classes are being developed by financial superman Dave Ramsey, and this is just awesome.

On the other hand, our students are EXTRAORDINARILY prepared for the real world by our schools…

The Heavier Stuff- the Bad

Nick Saban is on his annual siege for bending the rules in his favor, and today we get to point and laugh at the Pandora’s Box little Nicky opened.

Saban’s argument can be summed up in the following way: he wants to see uniform rules amongst the Power Five conferences, following the NFL model.

So if those players were not allowed to play in the SEC they’d be playing someplace else. What I’m most concerned about, I just think that we should have the same rules in the SEC as all the other Big 5 schools have because now we’re not just talking about the SEC. We’re talking about having a playoff — no different than the NFL. One division in the NFL doesn’t have different rules, different salary caps, different anything because the league knows that parity is the best competitive balance that you can create.

So when we pass rules that other people that we have to compete against — and if that is really what’s best for the young people that we’re dealing with here, the student-athletes that we’re dealing with – then it should be best for everyone, or otherwise we shouldn’t do it. So I’m hopeful that some kind of way we’ll be able to get the Big 5 together — under the NCAA’s supervision — to try to create rules that we all see in the best interest of student-athletes, which I think we need to be thinking about here: Why do we do this? It is to benefit the student-athletes, to promote opportunities for the student-athletes.

This is in response to another great measure taken by the SEC: not allowing domestic abusers to transfer to its schools. Obviously, Saban was burned by former Georgia DT Jonathan Taylor on this rule. And he mad.

But let’s dig into what I put in bold face in that quote: Nick, do you REALLY want equality among the Power Five? Do you want…
– Revenue Sharing: that $31 million per school sure would be a nice coup for the ACC, Big XII, and Pac-12, who are lagging behind the SEC and Big 10 Networks.
– Uniform Academic Standards: This is more school-by-school than a conference matter, but does Alabama want to be on a level academic playing field with the likes of Stanford, Vanderbilt, Duke, and Cal? Methinks not. I’m sure his JuCo transfers would love that.
– (This one is admittedly a stretch, one posited by Buck Sanders on Inside Carolina)- Spending Caps: Last I checked, the NFL operates under a salary cap. Seven of the top 20 and nine of the top 30 spenders in college football last year were SEC schools– should we make that uniform as well?

My biggest beef here is Saban’s continued insistence that he’s doing what’s right for the game. And he’s using the SEC’s rules to not allow graduate transfers with academic issues (see: Everett Golson) and now domestic abusers to do so. Last year, it was an attempt to eliminate the no-huddle that his defenses have struggled, at times, to defend.

Your self-serving isn’t fooling anyone, Nick.

Satellite Camps Be Damned: SEC Still ‘Crootin Strong

It’s like when they used to play those Florida v. USA high school all star games. Pure, unadulterated, SEC dominance (or as the cynic suggests, pandering to the most invested fanbases).

So maybe Jim Harbaugh invading SEC country with his ghastly whiteness isn’t such a big deal.*

jim harbaugh shirtless


*’jim harbaugh shirtless’ is now a thing that is on my Google search history.

Finally, Au Revoir, Mike Slive

Mike Slive’s retirement became official on June 1, and let’s take a second to appreciate the best conference commissioner of all time. Greg Sankey is in position to do great things with the league going forward, but Slive made the SEC the envy of all other conferences, made shrewd additions to the league, and of course secured its financial future with the SEC Network.

Enjoy that retirement, Mike.


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