Transfer Quarterbacks, Electric Boogaloo: We Don’t Need Lambert Either

It appears that Georgia is again in the running for a grad transfer quarterback that one hopes we don’t really need, as Chip Towers reports (and speculates better than I do) the Dawgs’ interest in UVA quarterback Greyson Lambert. Georgia (along with Alabama, Clemson, Miami, and many others) offered him coming out of high school, so one understands the mutual interest.


There was great hand-wringing throughout Bulldog Nation a few weeks back, as Mark Richt failed to confirm or deny the possibility of bringing in former Notre Dame QB Everett Golson. Golson had his share of issues at Notre Dame, including an academic cheating scandal and turnovers (so many turnovers), but would’ve likely been able to walk in and assume the reins of Georgia’s offense for 2015. I am on the record saying that Golson would’ve somewhat complicated Georgia’s QB situation, where Brice Ramsey appears (to my eye) ready to go.

While I could’ve lived with Golson at the helm, the news that Lambert is now considering heading to Athens with two years’ eligibility remaining horrifies me. It tells me that a) maybe Ramsey isn’t as ready as I thought; and b) to the extent that we’d take a flier on a guy who was somewhere below mediocre at Virginia.

Below mediocre, you ask? Lambert’s 2014 numbers: 154/261 (59%), 10 TD, 11 INT, raw QBR of 45.1 (QBR is ESPN’s method of evaluating quarterbacks on a 1-100 scale versus replacement and adjusted for situation- if you see me talking QB’s I’ll probably reference it). Against ACC competition? That QBR dips to 39.5, with a paltry 6.5 yards per attempt. In fact, Lambert’s only non-pedestrian performances came against BYU (71.1 QBR) and Richmond (92.2, YAAAAYYYYY).

I’ll grant you that UVA has not been an offensive juggernaut under Mike London. The team has won 7 games during the Lambert era. But…the dude was 104th in yards per attempt last year. For comparison’s sake, Hutson Mason was 32nd. Aaron Murray finished 14th and 1st in his senior and junior years, respectively. Quarterback efficiency is very high on Mark Richt’s list of priorities, and Lambert has not demonstrated that he has it.

I fully expect the Jesup, GA native to be a Bulldog, but I’m not going to say I’m thrilled about it from either an ‘improving the roster’ or ‘what that portends for the guys already on campus’ perspective.

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