Everett Golson to Georgia? No thanks. #SendEverettGolsonToSouthCarolina

Which Everett Golson do you remember? The one who started a national championship game as a freshman for a then-undefeated Notre Dame team? The one who almost dethroned Jameis Winston and Florida State last fall?

Do you remember multiple iterations of Everett Golson?

I do.

I remember the Everett Golson who lost his starting job on a five-loss Notre Dame team last year.

I remember the Everett Golson who didn’t even play because of academic suspension from the university the year before.

I remember the Everett Golson that is 2-5 as a starter against teams who finished the year ranked in the Top 25 by the coaches. I remember Notre Dame being out-scored in those seven contests by a total of 70 points.

I remember the Everett Golson who has lost five straight games as a starter when the opposition has ended the year ranked (again, by coaches). I remember Notre Dame averaging just 22.8 points in those contests.

Sure, Georgia needs some answers at quarterback. But right now Georgia has three options who didn’t lose to Louisville last season. In that regard, Everett Golson would give Georgia some variety. He and Notre Dame’s 28 points against Louisville last year weren’t enough for a victory. If Georgia wants a quarterback who knows how to lose to Todd Grantham, Golson is the guy. How’s that for a hot take?

And yes, Golson knows what it’s like to play in a national championship. His team scored 14 points against Alabama back in January of 2013. Georgia only doubled that number a few weeks earlier.

If this guy is the answer, what’s the question? I hope it’s, “Who is South Carolina’s next quarterback?”

That’s all I got/


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  1. AMEN brotha,……… AMEN

  2. Normally I love your stuff, but this is ridiculous my friend. Why would you just cherry pick his negatives, and not mention any of the positives? A. UGA currrently has no qb that can lead them to a title game, Golson has already been to one. B. Surely you’re not crediting UGA’s qb play for the Louisville victory when Nick Chubb went for 266 and 2TD’s, and Ramsey looked lost the entire second half. C. Golson’s numbers at ND last season are virtually identical to (and it could be argued better than) Russell Wilson’s during his final season at NC St (interceptions and all). Then he transferred to Wisconsin who had a solid o-line/running game (much like UGA) and the rest is history. D. Sure he was being pushed for playing time, but maybe the Zaire kid is just really good. E. That Bama team was really good and had a ton of NFL talent on their defense, a Golson did throw for 270 and a TD as a freshman. Not terrible F. Who cares about his academic integrity? I had football players cheat off of me at UGA, and I doubt any of them could have graduated from Notre Dame. So that’s a non issue for me. You mean to tell me you never cheated on a test? Not even once?

    I fail to see how signing him could hurt the program in any way. Worst case scenario some members of our current mediocre qb staff get butt hurt and transfer. To that I say good riddance. People trash Auburn for signing transfer qb’s, but they’ve been to two title games and won one since 2010. I wouldn’t mind a piece of that action especially since we haven’t been to a title game in my lifetime. Even if Golson totally busts he would still almost certainly be our best shot to win this season.

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