Quick Hitter: Who Makes Tough Catches for UGA?

Ran across this piece from the Macon Telegraph on a quick perusal of ESPN this morning:


The article, to me, essentially is trying to measure a ‘clutch’ factor for wide receivers. I think it is quite a stretch to do such things, harping on the departed Chris Conley and Michael Bennett as purveyors of clutch in their time at Georgia.

I think this is a pretty silly premise, as all catches are made easy or difficult depending largely on separation and the quality of the throw. With more quick and shifty wideouts such as Isaiah McKenzie and Reggie Davis stepping into major roles, one can argue that enhanced separation will make these ‘tough’ catches easier.

It is informative enough as a look at the pass-catching depth chart for 2015, though, so go ahead and give it a read.


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