SECual Healing- 4/28/15

Oops, I promised this would be a weekly thing.

What’s happening as we officially hit college football’s dead season?

ARRESTS! Last time we checked in, Alabama had three in four days. Tennessee WR Von Pearson has been suspended indefinitely for his part in an alleged sexual assault (which makes the title of this post sound bad). According to ESPN’s famed ‘sources’ ‘multiple media outlets’, that is now SIX Vols involved in some kind of sexual assault case this offseason. I’m not taking this any further, that’s awful.

Presumptive top-15 draft pick Shane Ray from Missouri was arrested for marijuana possession on Monday night, potentially costing him hundreds of thousands of dollars in draft slot revenue, or making him the perfect fit for the Raiders at #4.

Speaking of Missouri, Gary Pinkel has come a long ways with his back-to-back SEC East championships, far from the DudeYouPodcast days of naming coaching hot seat rankings as ‘Pinkel Watch’. He’s now the 10th coach in the SEC to command upwards of $4 million in salary.

And speaking of the draft, the annual (never ending) Mel Kiper/Todd McShay/rumor-mongering season is almost over. Thank God. Eight SEC players appear to be more or less consensus first round picks: Alabama’s Amari Cooper and Florida DE Dante Fowler will be gone by about pick 6, our very own Todd Gurley and the aforementioned Ray could fall anywhere from about 8 to 20, and LSU OT La’el Collins, Bama S Landon Collins, Kentucky DE Bud Dupree, and Florida OT D.J. Humphries all are likely to land in the second half of the first round.

Gurley is probably going to be the only Dawg with a destination heading into the weekend. Next off the board from UGA is probably combine freak/Star Wars hero Chris Conley, who, of course, turned heads with a 4.3 40 and a record broad-jump.

Ramik Wilson and Amarlo Herrera both slot as situational LB’s and special teamers at the next level, and should be picked in the later rounds, as well as CB Damian Swann.

ESPN ran a piece on what we failed to learn in spring games, including quarterback questions at two potential 2015 darkhorses:

On to some pseudo-football stories…

This is the most Tennessee thing to ever happen to Tennessee and could only happen in Tennessee.

Not a football player as I originally thought, but a shameless Mississippi State student grilled bacon on a George Foreman…in class.

That’s all we have this week, like I said: slow season! Worry not, Palmer and I will have more NBA as we move to round 2, and his annual draft live blog on Thursday night is a can’t miss.


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